Windshield crack Repairs

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Windshield crack Repairs

Saturday Cash Only

Stone Break Repairs

Stone Damage

Bullseyes, Stars, Combinations

Multiple stone breaks repaired at the same time on a single windshield are an additional $10 each.


The Ultra Bond process meets California vehicle code requirements.

All work comes with a written lifetime money back guarantee. The repair prevents further cracking and significantly reduces the amount of visibility to a clear hairline on a long crack.



(temperature change or a car wash could increase the damage and water in the crack would delay the repair)

DURING THE SUMMER — keep the windshield as cool (not cold) as possible (if you park in the sun open your window a bit to avoid temperature build up)

DURING THE WINTER — park the vehicle in a garage at night (temperature change could increase the damage and dew/rain in the crack would delay repair).

We service all the following cities and counties

Temecula, Fallbrook, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Sun City, French Valley, Hemet, Perris, Murrieta, Winchester, Menifee.

—If you are thinking about buying a DIY windshield repair kit, save yourself a lot of headaches by reading this article before you do. Don’t miss the tips about what to do if you already tried to fix your own windshield, and my professional advice if you do want to do-it-yourself.

I often receive calls to inspect windshield damage…it’s part of my job! Unfortunately, many of the rock chips I inspect were already repaired, but they failed and the damage is spreading.

You may be thinking those ruined windshields are caused by incompetent auto glass repair technicians, but that is not always true. They are often caused by the car owners themselves using one of those cheap windshield repair kits you can buy at auto parts stores.

I always hate telling someone that I can’t fix the failed repair. Once the resin is injected into the break and cured, that’s it.

I understand…people are trying to save money where they can these days. But cutting corners with your windshield is not the best idea! The sad thing is that the cost of the kit and my inspection fee would have almost covered the cost of paying a professional to fix the rock chip in the first place.

What’s Wrong with DIY Kits?

Difficult rock chips require professional expertise and equipment to be properly repaired.

DIY windshield repair kits include instructions, a tool to remove broken glass from the break, a way to inject the resin into the damaged area, and a piece of curing film. The step-by-step instructions guide you through the process. What those kits DO NOT provide is years of experience and a trained eye.

Professional windshield repair technicians have fixed hundreds, if not thousands, of rock chips. This experience enables them to complete the job with the smallest risk of causing additional damage.

In addition, professional technicians:

  • Know how much pressure to apply to the windshield to avoid cracking.
  • Use professional equipment that allows them to fully fill the damaged area.
  • Understand how to fix different types of windshield damage …star breaks, bullseyes, combination breaks, and cracks.
  • Use high-quality resins with the correct viscosity according to the type of damage and windshield temperature.
  • Can complete the repair in as little as 10 – 15 minutes . (Most DIY kit users report it takes them 1 – 2 hours.)
  • Finish the repair by filling the pit and leveling it so the windshield wiper blades don’t catch on the excess dried resin.

As you can see, there is more to windshield repair than squirting resin into a hole in your windshield!

How to Save Money without Doing It Yourself

How do you save money on professional windshield repair? It’s easy !

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, then your repair will likely cost you nothing out-of-pocket.

That’s because most insurance companies waive the deductible for windshield repairs. (This varies from state-to-state. Check with your insurance agent.)

Companies that are insurance network approved often provide claim service as a convenience to their customers. For instance, at GlassLogic, we file the auto insurance claim for you. You don’t have to do anything but fill out a short form.

If you do not have comprehensive insurance coverage, you can save money on the repair cost several different ways:

  • Get it fixed as soon as possible . The larger the damage, the more it costs for the repair. For instance, a bullseye that spreads into a 6″ crack will cost approximately double than for repairing the rock chip alone.
  • Get multiple breaks fixed at the same time . Most companies offer a significant discount for fixing additional rock chips on the same windshield if they are repaired at the same appointment.
  • Charge It . Windshield chip repair is an emergency expense. Don’t hold off getting your windshield fixed because you don’t have the cash. Many windshield repair companies accept credit cards or have other payment options. You don’t save money up-front by paying with a credit card but you are preventing the damage from cracking further and possibly ruining your windshield!

Call GlassLogic Windshield Repair

If You Tried DIY but the Repair Failed

If you tried a DIY Windshield Repair Kit but the damaged area did not fill completely, the rock chip may eventually start to crack.

If this happens, call a professional right away. Once the break begins to crack, it can quickly spread across the entire windshield.

Professional technicians cannot always fix the failed repair, but they can stop the crack from spreading and totally cracking out your windshield.

Just be sure to tell the technician that you tried to repair the windshield yourself so they know what to expect.

Don’t be embarrassed. The DIY kit manufacturers pay millions of dollars for advertising to convince you that their products work as well as professional equipment! Everyone falls for a sales pitch now and then.

A glass tech will inspect the repair you did yourself. If there is a weak spot, they may be able to drill into the area and fill it with resin to prevent it from cracking. They cannot, however, drill into the pit and redo the entire repair.

Professional Advice

The next time your windshield is pelted by a rock, inspect the damage. Then, instead of reaching for that DIY Windshield Repair Kit, call a professional . You may save yourself hundreds of dollars on an unexpected windshield replacement.

If you want to try do-it-yourself, for best results, read the instructions before starting the repair and follow them exactly. Here are some other tips:

  • Never try to fix your windshield when it is raining or the break is wet.
  • Work in the shade so the resin does not cure prematurely.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete the repair process. It takes longer to fill a break than you think.

Have you ever tried fixing your windshield yourself? How did it turn out?

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If you’ve ever owned a car or truck, there is a good chance you have sustained a small crack in the windshield at some point. Windshield cracks can occur when any airborne object of some substance collides with the windshield. This can happen while the vehicle is in use or when the car or truck is parked. Fortunately, you do have a couple of options when it comes to windshield repair. You may be able to fix it yourself, but larger cracks need to be repaired by a professional.

Your first option with windshield crack repair is to seal the crack yourself. This is a viable option if the crack is very small, perhaps no more than an inch or two (around 2.54 to 5.08 cm) in length. You can get everything you need from a local automotive repair store. There are even small kits that are designed for this type of simple windshield repair jobs. Tell the sales associate “I have a crack in my windshield,” and he or she can direct you to the kits that are in stock. Look over each kit carefully, as some require mixing compounds and also give very specific instructions in how to apply the sealing compound.

A second option is to take the vehicle to a car repair facility that advertises professional windshield repair services. This is often your best bet if the crack is very big. There is often the chance that a hairline crack is already beginning to branch off from the original point of damage that you can see with the naked eye, and this could lead to serious issues later. An auto repair service or glass shop will have equipment to analyze the condition of the crack and know exactly how to take care of the problem permanently.

While you may feel confident in your ability to repair a crack in your windshield, keep in mind that it never hurts to check with a professional. If the repair can be handled with a simple over-the-counter sealing compound, a reputable dealer will advise you of that option. At the same time, if the crack is over a certain length, there is a good chance that the professional will also advise you that repairing the crack may be futile and that you need to consider replacing the windshield completely.

When windshield crack repair is not an option, check with your auto insurance provider. There is a good chance that all or part of the replacement costs are covered.

Article Discussion

12) Windshields are best repaired when a chip or crack first occurs. The longer you wait the more damage that can occur and the more likely dirt works it’s way into the damaged area. The dirt makes the repair more difficult to repair properly and can affect the clarity of the repair area.

Also, don’t be fooled by glass shops that tell you that a long running crack cannot be repaired. We are able to repair long cracks up to 5 feet in length and it’s 100 percent guaranteed to pass state inspection and never to spread further.

11) Thanks for all the great advice. Can you get in trouble for driving with a cracked windshield?

10) Got a crack this morning, just about a quater inch long. Immediately called the repair guy, and he came over in about two hours. He jumped out and got to work, with no paper work signing or discussion. He then turned my quarter inch crack into an 12 inch crack. He promptly apologized, offered me a $100 discount off the $500 dollar windshield and left me standing there pissed off.

I am going to call them tomorrow and try to get them to replace my windshield free of charge. I didn’t sign or agree to allow them to break my window with no liability or responsibility to fix it.

9) I got my cracks fixed today in my front window of my car that were caused by flying stones right but I thought that you should not be able to see them. Is this true? they are not that big but I am not impressed with this.

8) I am a windshield repair tech, I do only windshield repairs. I use the GlasWeld System for repair and the ProVac Injection assembly with the highest possible vacuum for best repairs.

First off, I have repaired windshield cracks as long as 7 or 8 inches along the windshield. The final appearance of the repair all depends on the place of a crack, the age of the crack, and the company that is doing the repair.

The price for «stone chips» is roughly $50 and the cracks usually range up to $100.

But the one main thing you all are missing is, if the company doing the repair is a replacement company, they would make more money for a replacement, compared to a $50 repair, and would most likely push for a replacement even if it can be repaired.

Most insurance companies waive the deductible and pay for the repair, so they would prefer to pay $50 than having to end up paying $700 0r $800-plus if that stone chip cracks open.

And all you do is go there and they take care of your insurance for you on the spot and you walk out paying nothing. The insurance, in most cases, would go up if you had three or four repairs per year, but for one repair they won’t bother you. If you choose not to go through your Insurance company, the repair shop could charge you less than $50.

7) I have seen a lot of people trying to fix a small chip in their windshield and end up having to replace it. Windshield repair is not as easy as one may think. It requires proper training and technique so the best thing is to call your local windshield repair technician to do the job for you and they usually give you a lifetime warranty.

5) I’ve had my new car less than a month. Today, a truck flew past me on the interstate and threw a rock into the windshield. A couple of hours later, I have a horizontal crack about five or six inches long on the driver’s side, right in the left eye’s view.

Guess I’ll be getting a new windshield this week, which really sucks and I haven’t even made my first car payment!

4) Windshield cracks can be repaired at any length. However, aesthetically the repair may not be appealing after a crack exceeds 6-12 inches. Furthermore cost versus profit may be a factor for businesses that choose not to do longer crack repairs.

Lastly, insurance companies will not pay for cracks that exceed six inches or are in the drivers immediate site; therefore businesses do not exceed six inch crack windshield repairs.

3) Hi Kasen, I meant to say «could you please send me the company’s name, that one that fixed your windshield. Sorry my keyboard it is killing me.

1) I was always told that if the crack is smaller than a dollar bill, it can be fixed; if it’s larger, the windshield probably needs to be replaced. I had a long crack across the windshield of my car, and called a repair place that came out to my house to fix it. It was very convenient, and I was surprised at how relatively inexpensive — when I called my insurance company, the cost of replacement was less than my deductible.