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Windows crack USB

How to open a laptop with windows 8.1 without resetting the unknown password?

For laptop users, you’ll find quite difficulty to crack laptop password than desktop computer when forgot laptop password. This may due to the following reasons:

1. Some laptops aren’t equipped with CD-DVD drive, so the password crack disk won’t be help.

2. The laptop BIOS password is different from the desktop computers’ to operate.

Right here we’re going to deal with as one of our common annoyances for some time to come, cracking laptop password based on any Windows including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, and Windows Sever 2012(R2)/2008(R2)/2003(R2). This methods supports all popular laptop brands, like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.

1. Crack laptop password with a USB flash drive

With no DVD drive on your laptop, don’t worry; there are ways for laptop password breaking with USB flash drive (pendrive).

A: Windows Built-in USB password reset disk

If you have created a USB windows password crack disk before, just use the following tip to crack your laptop password.

Step 1: When entering a wrong password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password. Click «Reset password», it will show you the «Password Reset Wizard».

Step 2: Click «NEXT» and select your USB password key disk drive to reset the password with a new one.

Step 3: Then you can use the new password enter your computer.

Note: The USB password reset disk only used in a certain account which you have created before.

B: Burning a bootable USB Windows Password Key

If you don’t have a password reset disk, you can refer to how to hack forgotten password without using administrator.

Step 1: Prepare a 2GB USB flash drive and a computer which you can access to.

Step 2 : Download Laptop Password Cracker and install it.

Step 3: Run the program and burn the ISO image to the external USB flash drive.

Step 4: Use the USB to reset laptop password. But in this step, make sure your computer is boot from USB drive, you can set a BIOS if necessary. Then follw the wizard to crack forgotten laptop password.

2. Crack laptop password from safe mode

You may learn that Windows OS has a default administrator account created during Windows installation. By default, the built-in administrator account is named Administrator and has no password in it. But Windows 7 usually has this account disable, you need to enable the account before. If forgot latptop password, try to follow this tip.

Step 1: Start your computer and press «F8» while the computer boots up. The Advanced Boot Options screen appears.

Step 2. Scroll down to «Safe Mode» and press «Enter.» Your computer starts in Safe Mode.

Step 3. Click on the «Administrator» account that appears on the Windows logon screen. After entering system, click on «Start» and «Control Panel» to change your other account password.

If you’ve reset the default administrator account or you didn’t enable it if you’re on the Windows 7 system, this tip won’t help. Anyway, the best and quick way is burning a bootable Windows Password Key to decrypt forgotten laptop password.

Create a Ophcrack USB Flash Drive: Ophcrack is a free Windows Password Cracker or Windows Login Password Recovery tool that uses rainbow tables to retrieve Windows login passwords from password hashes. The tool is available in two versions (Vista Ophcrack and XP Ophcrack). In the following tutorial, we explain how we created an All In One USB Ophcrack Flash Drive. This bootable flash drive utility can then be used to recover, reveal or crack both Windows XP and Windows Vista login passwords.

How to Boot Ophcrack from a portable USB flash drive:

Having Ophcrack for Windows Vista and XP on a USB thumbdrive can come in handy for those who may have lost their Windows admin or user Login Password and need to quickly recover a lost Windows password.

Ophcrack running from a USB flash drive:

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 1GB

Persistent Feature: No – Doesn’t need to be

USB Ophcrack flash drive creation essentials:

  • Windows Computer (Windows XP or Vista)
  • 1GB or larger flash drive (fat32 formatted)
  • ophcrack-xp-livecd*.iso
  • Universal USB Installer

How to Create a bootable Ophcrack flash drive:

  1. Download and run Universal USB Installer, select OphCrack XP, and follow the onscreen instructions
  2. Create a folder named vista_free inside the tables folder on your USB Flash Drive
  3. Download and unzip the tables_vista_free. zip to the tables/vista_free folder on your USB Flash Drive
  4. Reboot your PC and set your system to boot from the USB device

If all goes well, you should be booting from the USB stick into a mini Linux environment. Ophcrack is launched automatically after the system has booted. You should now be able to recover both Windows XP and Windows Vista login Passwords using this single USB tool.

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Download WinToUSB Enterprise 2.4 Full version with crack/keygen and serial number. WinToUSB Enterprise 2.4 torrent download.

WinToUSB lets you create a Windows operating system installed on a USB flash drive using the ISO file or CD / DVD. Starting from version 2.0, you can copy the currently installed Windows operating system (Windows 7, such as Windows 10 or higher) on a USB drive. WinToUSB also supports the creation of a USB drive bootable WinPE, it can help you transfer the contents of WinPE on a USB drive and make the drive bootable USB flash drive to install Windows.

WinToUSB Enterprise 2.4 Full version with crack/keygen and serial number

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