When You crack Your Screen

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When You crack Your Screen

Best Crack Your Screen (Cracked Screen) application which you can find in Google Play for your phone.

Application doesn’t use screenshots — cracked image is displayed above all other windows, even above notification bar. When screen is cracked you and your friends can still use phone as usual. You can also start another applications with cracked screen above them.

Start Crack Your Screen (Cracked Screen) application and fool your friends. It is very realistic because HOME, BACK and MENU buttons don’t affect this application. Shake your phone to turn cracked screen off.

New cracked screen images and triggers are coming soon . Currently Crack Your Screen (Cracked Screen) app works with time trigger but touch and tap triggers are also coming very soon !

Have a great time with Crack Your Screen (Cracked Screen) app .

Read reviews and check how many pleased users fooled their friend with Crack Your Screen (Cracked Screen) app.

Any comments are welcome. Please notify me by e-mail about any bugs found or missing functions that you want to be included in future versions of the Crack Your Screen (Cracked Screen) application.

Updated 26th January, 2017

So you’ve cracked your phone screen. Whether it slipped out of your hand while you were on a call or you left it on top of your car when you drove away, the glass is definitely damaged. What do you do now? If you didn’t opt in for phone insurance 5 Smartphone Insurance Plans That Provide the Best Value 5 Smartphone Insurance Plans That Provide the Best Value When a device is as important and as expensive as your smartphone, it probably makes sense to insure it against catastrophes. Read More and your warranty doesn’t cover a replacement, you have a few options.

Here are seven things you can do soon after cracking your phone screen.

Deal With It

If your phone is still working, and the screen doesn’t appear to be in danger of completely falling apart, why not just keep using it? Sure, it’ll be annoying to look at for a bit, but you’ll get used to it. And saving the money it would cost for a new phone is always nice. If you’re on a contract that’s soon expiring, this is definitely your best option.

Adding a screen protector might help keep the glass from cracking further, too. A glass protector like the one above from BodyGuardz might prevent further spidering. It largely depends on how extensive the damage is, but adding a protector certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Ask Around For Temps

Just because you cracked your screen doesn’t mean you need to get a new phone immediately. Finding someone with an old phone you can use for a while will give you the time to figure out if you can repair your phone or if you need a replacement.

In most cases, it’s as simple as changing over the SIM card. While compensation is always nice to offer, you may find a good Samaritan willing to hand over a non-used phone for you to use. So get to posting on Facebook, tweet it out, and send out millions of emails. You never know who will be willing to assist!

Perform a DIY Repair

No, you don’t need a new phone. As it turns out, you can fix just about anything Something Broken? Learn To Fix Anything With These 4 Websites Something Broken? Learn To Fix Anything With These 4 Websites You can spend hundreds of dollars to have a professional help you out, or you can learn how to fix it yourself for the cost of some tools and a couple hours of work. Read More if you have the right instructions. iFixIt is a great place to start, as it provides both instructions and extra parts. Benefits of this solution include the affordability and — if you’re the type — a feeling of accomplishment. Cons, of course, include the chance that you might mess something up.

YouTube is another great place to find tutorials for things like fixing your cracked screen. And there are plenty of places to find cheap replacement screens and other parts. Check eBay and AliExpress, but be careful with the latter AliExpress Is Cheap, But Is It Safe to Shop There? AliExpress Is Cheap, But Is It Safe to Shop There? Is it safe to shop with Aliexpress? Are there any security vulnerabilities you should know about? Is it secure? And are you more likely to be the victim of fraud or counterfeiting on Aliexpress? Read More .

Hire Someone To Do The Repair

While you could take your phone to the official manufacturer, you’re going to pay through the nose for that option. If you take a look at Apple’s repair fees, you’ll see that they are pretty darn pricey if you’re out-of-warranty.

Little phone repair shops are popping up everywhere, and an easy Google search is bound to guide you to one. You may have to pay hourly, but a practiced technician can replace a screen in a few minutes. The point is that phone screen repair exists, and it’s also somewhat affordable.

Trade In Or Sell Your Broken Phone

Sites like Glyde, Gazelle, and Gizmogul will buy your phone, and they’ll even pay you for a broken one. you can even sell your broken stuff on eBay Sell Your Broken Things on eBay to Turn Them Into Cash Sell Your Broken Things on eBay to Turn Them Into Cash Don’t throw away your broken items — turn them into cash by selling them on eBay! Here’s how to go about it. Read More ! You probably won’t get a whole lot of money for it. But you’ll get something, and that’ll help you pay for a new phone.

Many sites will also give you credit for buying a used phone when you trade yours in. You’ll probably get a better deal if you take credit instead of cash, so keep that in mind.

Scout eBay and Amazon

Yep, you may find a cheaper, older version of your phone on these sites; just pay attention to what you’re buying. Is it working? Does it actually have a functioning screen? If it’s within your price range, it can definitely be a better option that buying a new phone.

You may even be able to find something on Craigslist, but we understand how shady that can be. This is merely a reminder to look in the more obvious places for replacement phones, too.

Just Buy A New One

And, of course, the most obvious option: buying a new phone. Sometimes you just need to pony up the cash to replace your damaged device. It might be painful to spend that much money. But it might be cheaper in the long run than buying a replacement and upgrading a few months later anyway. If you were already thinking about upgrading in the near future, it might be best to just do it now.

If you do decide to buy a new phone, don’t buy one from your carrier. Buy an unlocked version instead Never Buy a Phone From Your Carrier! Buy Unlocked Phones and Save Hundreds Never Buy a Phone From Your Carrier! Buy Unlocked Phones and Save Hundreds Unlocked phones can cost a fortune, but the savings more than make up for it. You can save thousands by not signing a contract. We’ve got six phones that come contract free! Read More ; it’ll save you a lot of money, even though it seems more expensive.

What other solutions do you have for a cracked phone screen? What did you do the last time you cracked your screen? Share your tips in the comments below!

Image Credit: Lolostock via Shutterstock.com

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This is a terible report.

I used packaging tape and it last way longer then a screen saver. I have even dropped and thrown phone and no new damage has been done. Not to mention it’s way cheaper then screen savers and is usually around the house anyways.

does the itouch screen still work with the tape over it??

Yes it still works. Even if you end up getting a bubble or two in the tape . I’m useing my phone that i used the tape on right now. ?

I’m pretty sure tape does nothing to hold in the cracks. Assuming that your phone is already cracked, it’s better to use superglue or a clear nail polish to seal in the cracks.

This is the stupidest DIY I ever read -25 IQ points for being abunch of retards

I absolutely concur with you!!

Dollar store. Clear packing tape. A few bubbles don’t bother me since the upper left corner of the phone has a lovely spiderweb crack .

Haha I just suggested the same . Haven’t heard anyone else use this before.

I cracked my screen when phone fell out of my pocket. Fortunately phone still worked but glass splintered. £190- 300 quotes too high to replace.

I purchased a screen cover and it has created a new smooth surface that is safe to use and is helping keep the screen together. It will keep this samsung 7 edge going a while longer. Cost £12.99

I broke my phone at Disney World. LPT: Don’t stay for the Magic Kingdom fireworks and expect to leave the park at closing time with everything intact. It was a madhouse.

The way I cracked my phone is completely irresponsible of me. First of all, I have an iPhone 5c and I know that it is a really crappy phone, including the cheapest one Apple has ever sold ever! So, I always like flinging it around and catching it in the air again. Don’t judge it’s so fun to do, and since I don’t care about my phone, I did whatever I want. So, yesterday, in the library at CSUF at a Speech and Debate Tournament I decided to throw it into a lamp. The guy, a custodian dude, got it for me and it was completely unresponsive. BTW, it was already cracked and it was just a minor one, just across the top of the front of the phone and like a line across a centimeter of the edge, which happened earlier this year. It was really warm after being in the lamp.

Today, this is the exciting part, for you guys and not me, I was bored. I threw my phone in the air about 4 times in my 4th-period class. I failed. I didn’t catch it. It hit the corner of the desk and then fell face first on the floor. I was shocked, and I went to go get it. I got it and the blue part of the phone, the plastic «cover» that is connected to the phone was a little popped out and it was creepy. So, I just saw that and fixed it by pushing it in. By turning it on, I noticed the worst thing ever. It’s screen, like the inside of it, broke. Now it has like rainbow lines across the top covering the bottom of the screen until the top of the time. I can see the battery, that’s all and all the Verizon LTE stuff. Then there was this black liquid like across it. So, my phone didn;t crack, the screen just broke. I was so shocked at that moment that I lost control if my hand and dropped my phone. Tada, my screen shattered as well. Completely top to bottom. I started crying.

My mom knows cause I had to tell her. She says I’m not getting a new phone even though my contract ended today and my birthday is tomorrow. WOW! She wished me good luck telling my dad. He is about to get home from work. Wish me luck! Worst day before my birthday ever, and I’m not getting the iPhone 7 PLUS 128GB Jet Black, which is the phone I AM DYING TO GET. BYE!

You’re dumb and you don’t deserve a phone. Get a job and buy it your damn self.

And you’re probably smart and do deserve a good phone, but even so I’d love to put your head into a large vice and crank it until your brains started squirting out of your ears.

So tough, you comment a year later to anonymously threaten someone you probably don’t know. We’re shaking in our boots.

The way I broke my phone screen is. I threw it on the wall cause I found out it wasn’t CHARGING. I’m not proud of it either. Now I’m only a kid so I have to talk to my mom about it anyway. If I don’t get a phone well it’s not the end of the world. Plus it’s good that I can’t use my phone now cause my tests are ahead. If only the laptop was out of the way as well. Lol!

dropped my tradie proof phone like 30 centimetres into wet mud with the cover on but the front part was open. i nearly cried because its unresponsive to touch 🙁 cant even unlock it.

I completely shattered my phone. Everything else still works. But it’s just that. There are pieces that have fallen out, so now I can see the inside of my phone.

One side has already popped out, as in my screen can just get ripped off if I just used force, I’ve already tapped it against a hard surface so the excess glass can come out. Please note that there are still some pieces left to be taken out, so I can still cut myself.

So I’m not exactly sure if I should replace the glass or just get a new one. Please help me.

And also. The crack is spread across my phone. But thankfully it didn’t crack by the camera.

dropped my phone while walking and the top right of my phone cracked now It cant do anything and when i turn it on it looks like a hacking rainbow


«Crack your mobile screen» is a perfect prank app to fool your friends that they have broken your phone screen.

This awsome app will display broken glass image on the screen of your mobile phone, so that it will look like the screen was broken!

You can choose to show screen break effect in three different ways:

– after user shakes the phone.

– after setting the amount of seconds.

– after user touches the screen.

You can also choose if you want to play crack sound. Moreover you can set if android system works or not after screen crack effect is visable.

REMEMBER: You can always remove broken screen effect by shaking your phone.

We have more! This app is also live wallpaper (you can set cracked screen as your wallpaper) and widget (you can put direct link to app on your home screen)!

Download it and try it on your friends!

If you have any problems with this app please report it to us and we will fix it as fast as we can!