What Is crack Cocaine

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What Is crack Cocaine

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Cocaine, water, a pinch of baking soda.

Put them all in a spoon and heat the bottom of the spoon with a lighter or any open flame. The mixture will sizzle and an oily mass of slightly different color, will start forming in the liquid. It should all clump together. Clump or not, once you see the oily mass form, remove the flame and as you do so take a metal poker type object to swirl around the oily mass in the spoon, to grab any stray oils that didn’t clump into the main puddle. As you’re swirling the oily parts should all grab on and clump together as its hardening. Keep swirling the poker stick around, until all of it hardens up and is attached to the poker. You’re going to want to swirl it around kind of quickly so the stuff doesn’t harden unattached to your poker stick. It will still be good wherever it hardens up, but you don’t want to have to fish it out of the water, it’s easier if you scoop it all onto the poker.

The mixture in the spoon can (and should) be tossed out. Remember after you smoke your rock, the stuff on the spoon is history, it is not crack, you did not miss any on there. It’s time to go buy more, because you will anyways. And no you’ll never match how the first hit felt, no matter how hard you try.

Welcome to the wonderful world of jonsing. Just saying.

Pati Baumberger’s answer demonstrates a practical knowledge that I just don’t have. But I’d like to add that the potency of crack cocaine comes from only a small change in cocaine’s chemistry. By changing cocaine from a salt to a base, it becomes easily vaporised and can be smoked without it burning. This new route of ingestion gives, apparently, a stronger hit than even injection could do; more of it hits your brain faster and your brain has less time to dispose of it than it would do if taken via any other route.

Hi, well it’s not something I am proud to say I know, but in my second life, I was a seriously sick and a high functioning addict, but I am very thankful for all those lessons and passing that test, so I could evolve to a higher self.

First things first, street crack has very little if any cocaine in it, they use numbing agents so it numbs, making the user think it’s the real McCoy, as if the user has been using that day they will have no idea if it’s good, or bad, the users chase the initial high, never attaining it, usually only felt once a day.

What you need : test tube, coke, boiling water, baking soda.

You put your dope in the tube, you put in a pinch of soda, a tbl. Spoon of the boiling water, swirl it around in one direction quickly, then when you see that the swirling is creating a funnel, you back swirl it, (reverse direction ) it should instantly clump the oil together, if not swirl more, if no oil present add a little more boiling water, and repeat above, or instead you can add cold water, just a touch, as the oil forms into a rock as it cools, if none of the above works, you got ripped off and need to reconsider your source.

I am happy to say that I am truly blessed, I went to the NA Program, when the using was no longer fun, in the end I didn’t stop, for nearly 2 years, the NA Program saved my life, I love my brothers and sisters there and owe them more than I could ever possibly repay, so I always practice the 12th step and extend my help and support to the still sick and suffering addict.

When you are ready to get clean, you also can turn to the program for help, to regain a happy, productive life, keep it simple and go to meetings with the same drive you had to use and obtain, be honest and keep going back, I can promise you, if you do those 3 things that God will completely remove the desire to use, I know because that’s what I did and that’s what I was told, and I’m here today because that’s what happened.

No matter what happens in my new life of recovery, good, bad, indifferent, using never comes to mind.

Crack is the hard form of cocaine that develops when the drug is mixed with water and other solvents and then cooked into a hard, rock form. The drug is still highly potent, very powerful and extremely addicting despite the chemical changes that take place when it is cooked. In fact, crack cocaine is actually more powerful than powder cocaine, causes physical dependence to set in more quickly and is far more dangerous than the powder counterpart.

This drug once appeared in the impoverished inner-city neighborhoods of major cities but can now be found throughout the country. Because of the relatively low-cost to produce the drug and the extreme high that results from using the drug, crack cocaine has become one of the most widely abused drugs in the United States wreaking havoc on users young and old, rich and poor, educated and very much under-educated alike.

To learn more about crack cocaine abuse and its dangers, call us toll-free at 800-736-5356.

What is Crack Cocaine?

According to the National Library of Medicine, crack cocaine is a rock form of cocaine that appears similar to broken white rocks. The drug is not quite as hard as a rock and actually has a density slightly greater than candle wax. It’s not soft but not so hard either, sort of an in-between density that is much harder than the powder like the cocaine it is derived from but not quite as hard as the name would imply.

When crack is in its purest state, it will resemble a hard plastic density. It can actually make a cracking noise when it is broken into smaller nuggets or pieces. When the drug is smoked, it will crackle and pop hence the name, “crack.” On the streets, people determine the quality of crack cocaine by sinking it in water or placing a flame near it to see if the edges of the drug melt, these are two signs that the drug is pure and essentially “strong.”

How is Crack Abused?

Crack cocaine is typically smoked using a glass pipe. The drug is broken into small rocks and then placed into a pipe or other device to be smoked. Because the high only lasts a few solid minutes, people who smoke crack will constantly be smoking more and more in order to feel the continued effects of the drug. Unfortunately, crack is often mixed with fillers or other substances that can make smoking the drug even more dangerous than the user believes. There is no way to know how much cocaine is being used, how potent the crack is or what the potential side effects or repercussions of using the drug will be which can leave the user open to a wide array of potential side-effects and problems.

Dangers of Crack Cocaine Use

Crack cocaine is highly dangerous for a variety of reasons. Because there is no way to know how much of the drug is really being used, there are serious dangers with the risk of overdose when a user is smoking crack. Overdose is also a serious threat as the user continues to abuse the drug repeatedly in order to keep the high going. The user experiences an instant rush followed by a significant crash that causes them to want to use the drug again and again. This can quickly lead to toxic overdose and serious consequences.

Additional dangers associated with crack cocaine use include:

Crack cocaine abuse can ruin your life. Get help today!

  • sudden heart attack or stroke
  • increased blood pressure
  • strain on the heart
  • loss of sexual function
  • seizures
  • depression
  • death
  • addiction
  • violent outbursts
  • loss of control
  • financial ruin
  • relationship problems

Signs of Crack Abuse

People who abuse crack will often stay up late and then spend long periods of time trying to catch up on sleep following a binge. It is very common for people to be paranoid or anxious when they are under the influence of crack cocaine and these symptoms will often stick around even after the individual has stopped using the drug. Additional signs of crack abuse include:

  • spending money on crack and having no explanation as to where the money was spent
  • avoiding friends or family in order to smoke crack
  • getting into legal trouble for possession or other drug related problems
  • having spoons, pipes or other drug paraphernalia in possession
  • changes in attitude or mood

Crack abuse is not the same as crack addiction but it can very quickly lead to an addiction. Unfortunately, people who abuse crack cocaine are likely to become addicted to the drug simply because the drug has such as strong potential to cause physical and psychological dependence. Many users report becoming addicted to the drug after just a single use or after just a few uses of the drug.

Symptoms of Crack Addiction

Addiction to crack cocaine is a very common concern, especially for those who have abused the drug in the past. Unfortunately, crack cocaine addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome and it poses many serious challenges in treatment. The symptoms of crack addiction include:

  • frequent infections
  • excessive burns or blisters on the fingers or lips
  • changes in sleep patterns
  • changes in groups of friends
  • changes in attitude or mood
  • spending time avoiding family or friends
  • avoiding activities that were once fun
  • loss of interest in sex, food or other activities
  • anger
  • irritability
  • irrational behaviors
  • prostitution to pay for drugs
  • suffering legal problems as a result of drug use and still choosing to use drugs
  • suffering relationship problems as a result of drug use and still choosing to smoke crack
  • suffering from financial ruin and consistently spending money on crack
  • stealing, cheating, lying or otherwise taking part in abnormal activities in order to get more crack

Crack addiction will literally control the user’s life making it feel nearly impossible for him or her to stop what they are doing. Every aspect of a user’s day is controlled by their nagging cravings to smoke crack or their psychological depression, anxiety or similar emotions that are thrown off balance as a result of their decision to smoke crack.

Crack Withdrawal

Although crack withdrawal doesn’t necessarily have many strong physical withdrawal symptoms, the psychological elements associated with crack cocaine withdrawal can still make the decision to stay sober very difficult. Crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms include chronic fatigue and depression, anxiety and paranoia. Many of the psychological symptoms, especially the depression, cravings and inability to get a good night’s sleep due to nightmares and lucid dreams can be treated in time. People who are suffering from crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms can seek the help of a professional and may find that support is very beneficial to their recovery.

Crack cocaine withdrawal will last a few weeks at most. For some, the depression or anxiety will stick around longer but there are medications that can help with that. It’s important to seek professional help as soon as possible in order to prevent any further side effects from interrupting your life. Crack cocaine addiction is a terrible disease but you can recover and there is help!

Call our toll-free helpline at 800-736-5356 to get crack cocaine addiction treatment that fits your needs.

When asking, «what is crack cocaine,» we must first understand what cocaine is. Cocaine is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system and typically produces an energetic and euphoric «high.» Cocaine is typically found in powered form. Crack cocaine is a purified form of cocaine. Crack cocaine is a hard substance that can be smoked and may be referred to as rock, base or just crack.

What is Crack Cocaine? How is Crack Cocaine Made?

Crack cocaine is made from powered cocaine in a simple process involving sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). All that is needed to make crack cocaine is powdered cocaine, baking soda, water, a pin, flame and a spoon. Crack cocaine may be made from powdered cocaine by dealers, but is also commonly made by users due to its simple creation process. 1

Crack cocaine looks like rocks with jagged edges. Crack cocaine is often cut with less expensive, often toxic, substances.

What is Crack Cocaine? How is Crack Cocaine Used?

Crack cocaine is often used in binges where the user does repeated «hits» of crack cocaine, possibly multiple times per hour, for days. The crack cocaine is put in a pipe and heated while the user inhales the crack cocaine vapor. The crack cocaine vapor is held in the lungs for several seconds before being exhaled.

What is Crack Cocaine? Who Uses Crack Cocaine?

Crack cocaine is known typically as an inner-city drug. Poor addicts are likely to use crack cocaine as it’s sold in small, inexpensive units and smoking crack cocaine delivers a large amount of drug quickly into the system. Those who smoke crack cocaine are at greater risk of crack addiction, overdose and injury to heart and lungs than those who snort cocaine. 2

What is Crack Cocaine? How Does Crack Cocaine Work?

Smoking crack cocaine increases the speed the drug gets into the system and bypasses nose tissues making smoking crack similar to IV cocaine. Inhaled crack cocaine takes 7 seconds to take effect and reaches its peak high in about 1 — 5 minutes. This high only lasts about 20 minutes. This is compared to snorted cocaine which takes effect in 3 minutes, with a peak effect at 15 minutes with a high that lasts 45 — 90 minutes. The shorter durations in crack cocaine are one of the reasons it’s highly addictive.