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Up The crack Com

crack someone or something up

crack someone up

crack something up

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verb (used without object)

to break without complete separation of parts; become fissured: The plate cracked when I dropped it, but it was still usable.

to break with a sudden, sharp sound: The branch cracked under the weight of the snow.

Definition of crack (continued)

to make a sudden, sharp sound in or as if in breaking; snap: The whip cracked.

(of the voice) to break abruptly and discordantly, especially into an upper register, as because of weariness or emotion.

to fail; give way: His confidence cracked under the strain.

to succumb or break down, especially under severe psychological pressure, torture, or the like: They questioned him steadily for 24 hours before he finally cracked.

Chemistry . to decompose as a result of being subjected to heat.

Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. to brag; boast.

Chiefly Scot. to chat; gossip.

verb (used with object)

to cause to make a sudden sharp sound: The driver cracked the whip.

to break without complete separation of parts; break into fissures.

to break with a sudden, sharp sound: to crack walnuts.

to strike and thereby make a sharp noise: The boxer cracked his opponent on the jaw.

to induce or cause to be stricken with sorrow or emotion; affect deeply.

to utter or tell: to crack jokes.

to cause to make a cracking sound: to crack one’s knuckles.

to damage, weaken, etc.: The new evidence against him cracked his composure.

to make mentally unsound.

to make (the voice) harsh or unmanageable.

to solve; decipher: to crack a murder case.

Informal . to break into (a safe, vault, etc.).

Chemistry . to subject to the process of cracking, as in the distillation of petroleum.

Informal . to open and drink (a bottle of wine, liquor, beer, etc.).

a break without complete separation of parts; fissure.

a slight opening, as between boards in a floor or wall, or between a door and its doorpost.

a sudden, sharp noise, as of something breaking.

the snap of or as of a whip.

a resounding blow: He received a terrific crack on the head when the branch fell.

Informal . a witty or cutting remark; wisecrack.

a break or change in the flow or tone of the voice.

Informal . opportunity; chance; try: Give him first crack at the new job.

a flaw or defect.

Also called rock. Slang . pellet-size pieces of highly purified cocaine, prepared with other ingredients for smoking, and known to be especially potent and addicting.

a mental defect or deficiency.

a shot, as with a rifle: At the first crack, the deer fell.

a moment; instant: He was on his feet again in a crack.

Slang . a burglary, especially an instance of housebreaking.

Chiefly British . a person or thing that excels in some respect.

Slang : Vulgar . the vulva.

Chiefly Scot. conversation; chat.

British Dialect . boasting; braggadocio.

Archaic . a burglar.

first-rate; excellent: a crack shot.

with a cracking sound.

Verb Phrases

crack down , to take severe or stern measures, especially in enforcing obedience to laws or regulations: The police are starting to crack down on local drug dealers.

crack off , to cause (a piece of hot glass) to fall from a blowpipe or punty.

(of a sailing vessel) to sail in high winds under sails that would normally be furled.

(of a power vessel) to advance at full speed in heavy weather.

to suffer a mental or emotional breakdown.

to crash, as in an automobile or airplane: He skidded into the telephone pole and cracked up.

to wreck an automobile, airplane, or other vehicle.

to laugh or to cause to laugh unrestrainedly: That story about the revolving door really cracked me up. Ed cracked up, too, when he heard it.

crack a book , Informal . to open a book in order to study or read: He hardly ever cracked a book.

crack a smile , Informal . to smile.

crack wise , Slang . to wisecrack: We tried to be serious, but he was always cracking wise.

fall through the cracks , to be overlooked, missed, or neglected: In any inspection process some defective materials will fall through the cracks. Also slip between the cracks.

to begin moving or working; start: Let’s get cracking on these dirty dishes!

to work or move more quickly.

Origin of crack

before 1000; Middle English crak(k)en (v.), crak (noun), Old English cracian to resound; akin to German krachen, Dutch kraken (v.), and German Krach, Dutch krak (noun)