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Stick On A crack

The Stick Figures On Crack series, sometimes known as just SFOC, is a internet series created by PivotMasterDX. It’s some of his most popular work.

The Stick Figures On Crack series was created by Killer7347, who later helped make the first instalment with PivotMasterDX. After the first SFOC became wildly popular, PMDX went on to make the second and third instalments solo. PMDX had to make a remake of the first one after The PMDX Hacking Incident. Fans of the series begged PMDX to make another edition after SFOC 2 and 3 but he wasn’t keen. To tease them, he made SFOC Ep. 1/Pilot (April Fools’ Joke), a video that tricks viewers into thinking it’s a real SFOC video.

Later, Storaged was made which was made up of skits not used in the previous SFOC videos. PMDX planned to make another SFOC video entitled Stick Figures On Crack 3.14, but he wanted to make it with DeltaPivot. Unfortuantely, DeltaPivot declined to help PMDX and the idea was scrapped and another tease video was made to make people think it was the real Stick Figures On Crack 3.14. PMDX has revealed that a Stick Figures On Crack Eps. 1 will be coming out soon.

Stick Figures on Crack

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A stickfigure animation app created with mobile devices in mind! Create your own stickman animations on your Android or iOS device!

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How do I use downloaded stickfigures/packs?

Please see this FAQ section here for instructions on how to use downloaded stickfigure files.

If you think this stickfigure is stolen or needs to be modified for any reason, please send an @Ralph mention in the Activity section of the website to let me know. If you just leave a comment here, I may not see it.

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This that crack everyone gets punch into

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Its just a blue ball though

(purple shep voice) that looks like a toaster that ate another toaster that ate another toaster that painted a green raisin brown

Get Stick Nodes!

The Pro version of Stick Nodes has functionality for sound effects, MP4 exporting, no ads/watermark, and stickfigure filters (blur, saturation, inversion, glow, and tint).

What is Stick Nodes?

Stick Nodes is a simple-yet-robust stickfigure animation program created with mobile devices in mind. Easily create your own animated GIFs/MP4s of moving stickfigures right on your tablet or phone.

Some features include:

◆ Automatic frame-tweening, make your animations smoother instantly!

◆ Add sound effects to the frames of your animations, make epic movies!

◆ A virtual camera to move and zoom, make your animations cinematic!

◆ Variety of shapes, color/scale on a per-segment basis — endless possibilities!

◆ Gradient colors, too! Make your stickfigures look realistic or cartoony!

◆ Textfields make it easy to add text and dialog to your animations!

◆ Ability to create, save, import, and share stickfigures you create!

◆ Thousands of awesome stickfigures available on the website for free!

◆ Compatibility with Pivot-created STK files (version 2.2.7 and earlier)!

◆ Clean, mobile-inspired interface — pinch-to-zoom for ease and convenience!

◆ Forward and backward onion-skinning for precise animating!

◆ An undo/redo system, don’t worry about fat-finger mistakes!

◆ Export to GIF or MP4 for your Youtube channel!

◆ More stuff I’m forgetting.

Please note, sound effects, MP4 exporting, no ads/watermark, and stickfigure filters (blur, saturation, inversion, glow, and tint) are for Pro users only.