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Уважаемый гость, на данной странице Вам доступен материал по теме: Pirate WiFi crack. Скачивание возможно на компьютер и телефон через торрент, а также сервер загрузок по ссылке ниже. Рекомендуем также другие статьи из категории «Кейгены».

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Pirate WiFi crack

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    Программа для взлома wi-fi: что это такое? Каковы принципы ее работы? Каковы преимущества использования программы для взлома wi-fi?

    Взлом сетей wi fi – это превосходная возможность пользоваться качественным доступом к Интернету, не тратя при этом ни копейки! Как вам наверняка известно, для того, чтобы подключиться к беспроводной сети, необходимо знать определенный ключ. Он вводится в специальное окошко, подтверждается, и только после этого пользователь может использовать Интернет. Но взломать запароленный wi fi на самом деле очень просто. Для этого необходимо использовать специальную программу, которая в считанные секунды осуществит взлом wi fi.

    Взлом паролей wi fi осуществляется методом подбора специального ключа. В отличие от простого брутфорса, современная технология позволяет взломать защищенный wi fi максимально быстро. При этом вы можете совершенно не беспокоиться о том, что взлом wi fi ключа произойдет безуспешно: программа тестировалась неоднократно. Взлом wi fi производится незаметно: никто никогда не сможет уличить вас в нелегальном использовании беспроводной сети! Программа для взлома wi fi создана специалистами, которые продумали все до мелочей. Вам остается лишь загрузить файл, запустить его, дальше программа самостоятельно произведет необходимую операцию.Именно эту программу чаще всего использую хакеры при взломе беспроводных сетей.

    How To Hack / Crack WiFi Passwords [WEP Encrypted]

    First Of All You Need to Understand Types Of Wi-Fi Encryptions, These Hacking Tools Will Only Work With WEP Encrypion (But Don’t Wory This is The Most Used Encryption Type On Earth). 😀

    WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) : This is the most basic form of encryption. This has become an unsafe option as it is vulnerable and can be cracked with relative ease. Although this is the case many people still use this encryption.

    WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) : This is the more secure alternative. Efficient cracking of the passphrase of such a network requires the use of a wordlist with the common passwords. In other words you use the old-fashioned method of trial and error to gain access. Variations include WPA-2 which is the most secure encryption alternative till date. Although this can also be cracked using a wordlist if the password is common, this is virtually uncrackable with a strong password. That is, unless the WPA PIN is still enabled (as is the default on many routers).

    [You Need to Have These Things in Order to Hack Wifi Passwords]

    Step 1 : Arrange And Make Sure You Have All These Items.

    A Compatible Wireless Adapter : This is by far the biggest requirement.The wireless card of your computer has to be compatible with the software CommView. This ensures that the wireless card can go into monitor mode which is essential for capturing packets. [Click Here] To check if your Wireless Card / Adapter is compatible oR Not.

    CommView for Wi-Fi : This software will be used to capture the packets from the desired network adapter.

    Download CommView for WiFi 7.0 Cracked Version.rar / Alternate Mirror Links (55 MB)

    Aircrack-ng GUI : After capturing the packets this software does the actual cracking. [Download AirCrack]

    A little patience is Vital! (Sorry Not Little But Very Much Patience is Required) Ok Now The Real Thing Begins. 😉

    Step 2 : Setting Up CommView for Wi-Fi.

    Download CommView for Wi-Fi from Above Provided Links >> its in Cracked Version So you can Use it Forever. (in Trial Version you can Use it Only for 5 Minutes).

    Extract And Follow (Instructions) Provided In (Instructons.txt) To install And Crack CommView for Wi-Fi >> After All That > Run CommView for Wi-Fi.

  • Click The [Play Icon] on the Top left of Application Window.
  • Start Scanning for Wireless Networks.
  • CommView Now Starts Scanning for Wireless Network Channel by Channel.
  • After Few Minutes You Will Have a List of Available Wireless Networks With Their Security Type. Now it is Time to Choose your Target Network.
  • Step 3 : Selecting The Target Network and Capturing Packets.

    Few Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing the Target (Wireless Network). This Wifi Hacking Tutorial (Guide) is Only for WEP Encrypted Networks, So Make Sure You select a Network With WEP Next to Its Name.

    • Choose a Network With Highest Signal Strength.
    • Each Network Will have its Details in the Right Column.
    • Make sure the WEP network you Are Choosing Has the Lowest DB (Decibel) Value.
    • Once You Have Chosen your Target Network, Select it and Click Capture to Start Capturing Packets From The Desired Channel.

    Now You Might Notice that Packets are Being Captured From all Networks in the Particular Channel.

    (To Capture Packets Only From the Desired Network Follow the Given Steps)

    • Right click the Desired Network and Click on Copy MAC Address.
    • Switch to the Rules Tab on the Top.
    • On the left Hand side Choose MAC Addresses.
    • Enable MAC Address Rules.
    • For ‘Action’ Select ‘Capture’ and for ‘Add Record’ Select ‘Both’.
    • Now Paste the Mac Address Copied Earlier in the Box Below.
    • We Need to Capture only Data packets for Cracking. So, Select D on The Bar at the Top of the Window and Deselect M (Management packets) and C (Control packets).
    • Now you Have to Save the Packets so That they Can Be Cracked Later.
    • Go to the Logging Tab on Top and Enable Auto Saving.
    • Set Maximum Directory Size to 2000.
    • Set Average Log File Size to 20.

    Step 5 : Now The Most Boring Part Waiting.

    • Note The amount of Time Taken to Capture Enough Data Packets Depends on the Signal and the Networks Usage.
    • The Minimum Number of Packets you Should Capture >> Should Be 100,000 for a Decent Signal.
    • After you Think you Have Enough Packets (At Least 100,000 Packets) You’ll Need To Export Them.
    • Go to the Log Tab and Click on Concatenate Logs.
    • Select all the Logs that Have been Saved. (Do not Close CommView for Wi-Fi).
    • Now Navigate to the Folder Where the Concatenated Logs have Been Saved.
    • Open the log file >> Select File – Export – Wire Shark tcpdump Format And Choose Any Suitable Destination.
    • This will Save the Logs With a .cap extension (File) to That Location.

    Step 6 : The Interesting Part. (Cracking WiFi Password / Key).

    • Extract (Earlier Downloaded) >> Aircrack-ng
    • Open Extracted Folder and Navigate To ‘Bin’.
    • Run > Choose WEP.
    • Open Your .cap File That You Had Saved Earlier. >> Click Launch.
    • In the Command Prompt >> Type in The index Number of Your Target Wireless Network.
    • Wait for a While >> If everything Goes fine, The Wireless Network (Password) Key Will be Shown. 😀
    • You May also Receive a Request to try with more Packets.
    • In this Case Wait Until More Packets have been Captured and Repeat the steps to be Performed after Capturing Packets.

    That Was It Keep Visiting And Supporting PirateCity.NET 😀

    If You Are Having Trouble Here is A Very Similar Hacking Tutorial [Click Here To Watch Tutorial]

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