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On crack In Spanish

Adjective / Noun — Masculine

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By default Trivia Crack seems to install in English and not in Spanish. The only way to play in Spanish is to choose your desired language at the New Game screen just before answering questions. This makes all of the question in the desired language. The rest of the game however will be in English like stats and other information. Find Trivia Crack on Google Play Free or get the Premium Version.

Trivia Crack in Spanish

The above picture shows how to change language. Besides playing in Spanish and English you can also have question interpreted in Portuguese, French, Italian, Catalan, and German. As far as I know only questions can be changed to another language. Most of the rest of the game can not. Maybe users who have other preferences set on their devices get the game in their language, I’m not sure. If anyone knows otherwise please let me know in the comments.

I don’t think all question are put in all languages though. That’s where there Achievements for bilingual users come into play. So users who don’t read English very good might have a smaller pool of content to play with.

Since Trivia Crack is still a pretty new app. I’m sure they’ll have better options for people wanting the entire game in there language. Make sure to check often for future updates as they may implement this content soon. With the amount of cash this game is racking in for the developers it’s kind of a no-brainer for improved monetization and a better user experience. Check back to this post later for any updated news on any changes and added features.

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