Oh What A crack Up

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Oh What A crack Up

crack someone or something up

crack someone up

crack something up

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— разбиваться (вдребезги); разрушаться, потерпеть аварию

— слабеть (от старости); поддаваться (возрасту, болезни)

— лопаться от смеха, смеяться до упаду

we just cracked up — ≅ животики надорвали

— рассмешить, вызвать неистовый хохот

сл. спятить; распсиховаться, психануть

pressure of work caused him to crack up — переутомление вызвало у него нервный срыв

he’s not so clever as he’s cracked up to be — он не так умён, как о нём думают


crack up — резкий упадок физических и умственных сил; работать как Папа Карло; провал

crack up opening displacement — испытание при помощи процесса зарождения трещины

crack up production — ускорить выпуск продукции

His abilities are not what they were cracked up to be.

На самом деле он совсем не такой способный, как про него говорили. ☰

Engine failure cracked the plane up.

Самолёт потерпел катастрофу из-за отказа двигателя. ☰

He’s always cracking up the town as very good.

Он постоянно превозносит этот город. ☰

John cracked up the car for good in the accident.

Во время этой аварии Джон вдребезги разбил свою машину. ☰

The movie is being cracked up as the blockbuster of the summer.

Этот фильм расхваливают, называя лучшим блокбастером лета. ☰

Примеры, ожидающие перевода

. that sports car isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Для того чтобы добавить вариант перевода, кликните по иконке ☰ , напротив примера.

something very funny.

when talkin’ bout c-ke.

“hahaha, whatta crack up!”

“yo, crack up, foo’.”

to burst into loud, hysterical or aggressive verbal abuse. used primarily in ireland and the uk. similar with the american “freak the f-ck out,” however only used in negative situations.

“yer wan at the pub cracked up at me when i asked how much she charged for an hour.”

“don’t you dare crack up at me! i’m not the one sleepin’ with my sister!”

used by stoners when they find something funny, usually said with no emotion.

vanessa: did you hear about what happened to todd?

a female pilot flying upside down. an faa rating obtained by female pilots after they have logged a minimum of 15 hours of inverted flight time.

sally is a crack up. she can fly better upside down than most pilots can fly right-side up.

one who displays extreme qualities of intelligence, extreme giftedness, and an extreme skill in many different fields. another 100% on your test john, you are such a crandal. crandal is an acceptable definition for a man with very little regard for personal hygiene, an irregular countenance (weird looking) and very poor spelling abilities. crandals are […]

the act of having your head up your -ss. “are you really that stupid? you must be suffering from a cranial rectal inversion. what a dumb–ss.” nice way of saying you have your head in your -ss. also known as h.i.a.s (head in -ss syndrome) “i know that our anniversary was today, but, i was […]

a place where you and your buddies smoke and get twist3d up. chris you idiot you f-gg-t f-ck-r you b-tch sh-t eating sh-tt-r you stupid f-ck head! lenard! da doop

anything. it’s a very versitile word. “oh, got me in the d-nkledooser!”

n. a person who is s-xually malested on a daily basis. usually ignorant and is sometimes r-t-rded i got happy with that dader last night. it turned out he was r-t-rded.

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