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Кряк до Chicken

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SALES SPECIAL — Biondo’s Market in Warren Michigan is offering a special on Chicken Crack right now! $4.69 and don’t forget the chicken wings also on special 10# bag for $25.00!!

How we really got our name! When my brother Paul and I were little kids and weren’t moving fast enough to please my mother, she used to tell us to get crackin! I remember my brothers love for fried chicken legs and when the time would come that my mother was getting ready to make fried chicken my little brother would tell her to «get crackin»! While the name Chicken Crackin’ was true to my memory, it wasn’t smooth to say so we shortened it to Chicken Crack. While we would love to use the term «Get Crackin» to advertise our products, the Pistachio guys beat us to the trademark!

So I finally did it! I tried the Crack Chicken Recipe for the Instant Pot. Instant Pot Crack Chicken needs a warning label. I am not a big meat eater but I could not stop eating this dish, it truly is addicting.

Ranch, cheese, bacon, and chicken all in one dish who could ask for more? I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Please check out my 20 MUST HAVE Instant pot recipes.

Crack chicken is on many low carb diets like Keto and weight watchers. Rick and I have been dieting so I made crack chicken and put it over some Zucchini noodles. That was delicious. You can also use it as a dip, with chips, or even put it on bread, and over pasta. This recipe has so many options.

I have had a few questions about my Crack Chicken although it is a HUGE HIT with everyone 🙂 I made a batch tonight and wanted to update my recipe for all of you 🙂 This time around I also decreased the water and skipped the cornstarch. You can use frozen chicken and no water. That would be the same time and just take longer to come to pressure.

I use Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix and Cream Cheese along with the chicken. If you want to make your own Ranch you can get the recipe at By-Pink she has a great recipe for the homemade ranch.

I hope you enjoy the changes and that clears up any questions you may have 🙂 Please make sure to Join my facebook group if you have any questions.

This recipe is Keto friendly and weight watchers friendly. How great is that? Lose weight and eat crack chicken? Check out my Buffalo Ranch Wings and Cracked up Chicken and Broccoli I am sure you will love these just as much.

I hope you enjoy This Crack Chicken as much as we did 🙂