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Уважаемый гость, на данной странице Вам доступен материал по теме: Кряк для Encryption. Скачивание возможно на компьютер и телефон через торрент, а также сервер загрузок по ссылке ниже. Рекомендуем также другие статьи из категории «Кейгены».

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Кряк для Encryption

Защитите свои данные от других юзеров! Старая добрая программа Super File Encryption — одна из лучших программ для шифрования файлов и папок на PC. Поддерживает алгоритмы шифрования AES, Blowfish, Hash, Des, Triple Des.

Protect your files from unauthorized users.

Super File Encryption is a powerful and easy-to-use program for encrypting and protecting your data—perfect for offices that need to keep important documents secure. Super File Encryption adds a context menu entry to all files and folders. To encrypt or decrypt files/folder, simply right-click on the files/folder in Explorer and select Encrypt or Decrypt command. The software also enables you to have secure e-mail communication over the Internet, preventing unauthorized persons reading attached files.

Strong Encryption Algorithm:

Encrypt files using the best and most proven cryptographic algorithms such as AES, 448-bit

Blowfish, Hash, Des and Triple Des.

Fast and Simple:

With one-click encryption and decryption.

Powerful and Flexible:

Encrypt single files, folders and entire directory trees.

Full Integration with Microsoft® Windows Explorer.

To encrypt or decrypt files/folder, simply right-click on the files/folder in Explorer.

Protect E-mail and Instant Messages

Send e-mails and instant messages securely regardless of the e-mail or IM client you or your


Advanced Encryption Package 2015 Professional 6.00 Features like this:

  1. Easy to use for novices. It integrates nicely with Windows Explorer and made easy for novices.
  2. Strong and proven algorithms to protect your sensitive documents (20 encryption algorithms).
  3. File and/or text encryption.
  4. Symmetric and asymmetric algorithms (17 data destruction algorithms).
  5. Secure file deletion.
  6. Using USB flash drives to store [en]-decryption keys.
  7. Creating encrypted self-extracting file to send it as email attachement. No additional software is required on other end!
  8. Complete command line support to fully automate [en]-decryption tasks.
  9. We have been developing and improving Advanced Encryption Package for many years (the first version was released in 1998).

The vulnerability, labeled CVE-2017-7526, resides in the Libgcrypt cryptographic library used by GnuPG, which is prone to local FLUSH+RELOAD side-channel attack.

A team of researchers — from Technical University of Eindhoven, the University of Illinois, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Maryland, and the University of Adelaide — found that the «left-to-right sliding window» method used by the libgcrypt library for carrying out the mathematics of cryptography leaks significantly more information about exponent bits than for right-to-left, allowing full RSA key recovery.

«In this paper, we demonstrate a complete break of RSA-1024 as implemented in Libgcrypt. Our attack makes essential use of the fact that Libgcrypt uses the left-to-right method for computing the sliding-window expansion,» the researchers wrote in the research paper.

«The pattern of squarings and multiplications in left-to-right sliding windows leaks significantly more information about the exponent than right-to-left. We show how to extend the Heninger-Shacham algorithm for partial key reconstruction to make use of this information and obtain a very efficient full key recovery for RSA-1024.»

L3 Cache Side-Channel Attack requires an attacker to run arbitrary software on the hardware where the private RSA key is used.

The attack allows an attacker to extract the secret crypto key from a system by analyzing the pattern of memory utilization or the electromagnetic outputs of the device that are emitted during the decryption process.

«Thus in practice, there are easier ways to access the private keys than to mount this side-channel attack. However, on boxes with virtual machines, this attack may be used by one VM to steal private keys from another VM,» Libgcrypt advisory reads.

Researchers have also provided evidence that the same side channel attack also works against RSA-2048, which require moderately more computation than RSA-1024.