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Iphone 6 Phone Screen crack

Lithium-ion batteries do not last forever. As iPhones age, declines in battery life can cause unexpected shutdowns or render your device too slow to function. While Apple now has a number of ways you can address this problem including a new Battery Health section in Settings, if your battery has dropped below peak capacity it’s time to consider a replacement. There are a few different options before you consider a DIY repair, so read below!

Make an appointment with Apple

Apple’s $29 battery replacement program is simple and inexpensive for iPhone 6 owners — assuming you have the time for an Apple store or Apple Authorized Service Representative visit and they have the part in stock. (Stores have reported a 2-3 month wait for certain battery replacements, including iPhone 6 models.)

Repair the battery yourself

You can pull off the iPhone 6 battery yourself using our handy DIY guide. So if Apple doesn’t have your iPhone battery in stock, don’t fret.

Before you consider a repair.

Always make sure to back up your phone before any repair.

General repair guidelines

  • Find a work area with bright lighting — iPhone components are small and you’ll want plenty of light.
  • Keep a clean, organized workspace so you don’t lose or confuse any components.
  • Group your screws so you can keep track of where they came from. Most screws are not interchangeable.
  • Apply enough heat to loosen adhesive but not enough to damage the device.
  • At any point during a repair, if the adhesive becomes hard to separate, apply more heat.
  • After separating adhesive, keep the housing and screen in close proximity until flex cable is disconnected.

How to replace a broken iPhone 6 battery

The iPhone 6 battery is difficult to remove and replace: Several flex cables can be torn easily, so proceed carefully.

Required tools and parts

Obviously, you need a replacement battery, but you’re going to need some tools as well if you’re going to do this right.

While not required to repair your iPhone, we also recommend you use a magnetic mat and screw capsules to keep everything organized. iPhones are full of tiny screws; mats and screw capsules will help you keep them on your table and not lost on the floor.

Remove the Screen

Unscrew the two pentalobe screws on either side of the lightning dock on the bottom edge of the iPhone 6.

Use the metal spudger to slowly and carefully separate the glass screen of the iPhone from the body. Start on the bottom edge of the device and proceed slowly. The flex cable for the screen is at the top.

Slowly pull the top of the screen away from the body and locate the EMI (electromagnetic interference) shield located by the bottom right of the battery.

Unscrew the two screws securing the EMI shield to the logic board and remove it.

Using a spudger, disconnect the battery cable from the logic board.

Start removing the screen from the logic board. The screen’s flex cable connectors are held onto the logic board with a metal shield plate. This plate has 5 Phillips screws that must be removed to be able to disconnect the flex cables from the logic board with a plastic spudger. Make sure you remove these screws and mark where they go. Incorrect placement will cause long screw damage to the logic board.

Replace the Battery

Two strips of white adhesive underneath the battery hold it in place. The best way to remove the battery is to roll and pull these strips out with tweezers.

Position your tweezer tip under the black adhesive at the bottom of the battery as shown.

Press the tweezer tip about halfway across the bottom of the battery.

Now roll your tweezers, pulling the white adhesive out from under the battery. Simultaneously pull the tweezers away from the phone.

There is another strip of adhesive under the battery on the iPhone 6. Use the same technique to roll and pull the other strip of adhesive.

Use a plastic spudger to gently pry the battery away from the base. If you pry from the logic board side, do not use the logic board for leverage as you might damage it.

With adhesive tape, affix the replacement battery into place with gentle pressure.

Put the components back together

Reconnect the front-facing camera flex, LCD cable, digitizer cable and home button flex cable to the logic board.

Screw in the display cable EMI shield using four Philips head screws.

Reconnect the battery connector. Use your plastic spudger to put it in place then press gently down with your finger to connect, distributing the pressure evenly to not damage the flex connector.

Screw in the battery connector EMI shield with two Phillips head screws. The larger screw goes in closest to the battery.

Fold the screen over the body. Insert the top of the screen into the frame first. Proceed carefully, it will click back into place but don’t press too hard on the glass.

Screw in the two pentalobe screws that go on either side of the lightning port.

Bought an used iPhone 6 with cracked screen. Decided to change the screen myself, since I have done multiple repairs on iPhone 4,4s,5,5s etc. Managed to replace the screen with all the small parts sucessfully.

Now after one day, I noticed a clicking noise on the screen, when pressing the top left corner. Googled it, and came over some people with same issue:

It is easy to see, that the screen is not laying 100% flush with the frame at that point.

Since I have opened my phone, my warranty is gone. Does anybody here have some tips on how to fix it? The youtube video tells me to try to bend it back alittle, which I’m not so happy doing. I think that the screen may crack if I bend it to much. Maybe disconnect the screen and then try to bend the left top corner a little back?

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iPhone 6 little crack top of the screen doesn’t effect the phone at all, selling as got upgrade

iPhone 6 small crack top of the screen nothing major other then that the phone works fine the crack does not affect the phone at all



Working Iphone 6 however I would reccomend purchasing a new screen. No charger or box. Open to offers.


iPhone 6 — 16GB — Cracked Screen

iPhone 6 suffered a drop, would get it fixed but have a work one so not needed. I have activated “touch assist” as the home button doesn’t correspond since the drop. Easy fix for someone who knows what they’re doing. The iPhone is unlocked to all


I phone 6 has a crack on it but that is on screen protector £120.00

Iphone 6 selling as I av an upgrade now it’s 16gig on vodaphone


iPhone 6 16gb the phone is on EE and has a cracked screen

iPhone works perfectly fine, screen is cracked but doesn’t effect use, I have been quoted £40 to fix the screen, phone will be available Saturday.


iPhone 6, 64gb rose gold, unlocked — cracked screen, fully working

iPhone 6, 64gb, rose gold. It has cracked screen but in fully working order. Unlocked. Collection Sprowston.


iPhone 6 giffgaff and 02 etc cracked screen lcd is fine offers

iPhone 6 giffgaff and 02 etc has cracked screen lcd is fine using phone was we speak comes with charger ideal if you have a broken one with a screen or someone what refubs these phones collection only York offers please


Cracked screen iPhone 6

Still fully working, and been unlocked. Screen cracked as shown in pictures.


Iphone 6 64 gb on O2 Cracked Screen

Gold and white IPhone 6 64 GB come with original box charger and unused ear pods Any question please ask 07907033973 open to o2 giffgaff


IPhone 6 64gb cracked screen

IPhone 6 64gb Cracked screen Can be fixed for £35 Perfectly working order Some scratches on the back Can deliver if local


IPhone 6 16GB Cracked Screen Vodafone

iPhone 6 Space Grey 16GB on Vodafone, has a slight crack as shown. No box or charger as needed for new phone