Iphone 6 Corner Screen crack

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Iphone 6 Corner Screen crack

I have this annoying black shadow/tint in the rop right corner of my iPhone 6 Plus.

How can I fix this? This happens by the way also on another screen, I’ve tested it. So I guess the screen is not the problem .

Is this a good question?

How did this issue come about? I have the same issue with an iPhone 6 after replacing the screen. Could it be a result of not disconnecting the battery before disconnecting the screen connectors?

Will the shadow go bigger with time if not repaired?




There is a problem with your backlight circuit on the board itself.

In itself it is not a big issue. However, there are complications ahead.

First, have you had any touch issues previously? If not, for 6+ there is some risk of developing one after the backlight issue is repaired. Sometimes heating can trigger this «waiting to happen» fault.

Second, the backlight circuit is just around the CPU and that’s where the second complication lies: one has to be conservative when trying to repair the backlight in this area to avoid harm to the CPU. Avoiding damage to the CPU is what limits the repairability to experienced techs.

The cause of this is that a component on one of the two b/l circuits that this phone has failed. Could be an anode, cathode, b/l driver, or diode.

My advice is to live with it if your only option is DYI because it’s not a DYI repair.

Otherwise if you’re ready to spend some money to fix it, take/send it to someone with enough experience in this type of repair.

If you don’t know anyone reliable, check my profile here on iFixit for a link to a website that has a list or tried technicians. From those, if you’re in or near the US, I suggest you use ipadrehab. If you’re down under or near Australia, you have geelongmicrosoldering.

While I was using my laptop while my iPhone on the table by my side, i hear this weird noise coming from my brand new iPhone 6. I look at my iPhone, and I see a crack on the screen. I have been very careful with my new iPhone 6. Never dropped it or tried to check if the sapphire glass of the screen is truly un-scrachable, which why I’m very mad.

Please I need a solution, other than paying for a new screen.

iPhone 6, iOS 8.0.2, Brand new

Posted on Oct 19, 2014 6:34 AM

Helpful answers

Same exact problem! iPhone 6 bought at Christmas — was in my pocket before i checked out of store looked at it — was fine — got to car looked at it and screen cracked — and same issue of starting very small cracks all around home button and than fanning out — even had tempered glass cover (anyone have that as well) — which was fine — but the glass beneath cracked — this is CLEARLY an apple manufacturing issue. I don’t have an apple store here — so have to send in as well — have not talked to apple support yet — but i can tell already this is going to be a pain — if anyone has any further news please let me know! Thank you!

Apr 11, 2015 7:03 PM

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Never dropped it or tried to check if the sapphire glass of the screen is truly un-scrachable, which why I’m very mad.

The screen is not sapphire.

Please I need a solution, other than paying for a new screen.

Take it to an Apple store and ask them what your options are.

Oct 19, 2014 6:59 AM

No-one here can tell you what Apple will say

Take it to an Apple Store Genius Bar ,make an appointment to avoid a potential wait

Oct 19, 2014 7:00 AM

Same thing happened to me. Never dropped. Woke up one morning and it was cracked. No Apple care so now they’re gonna charge me $100+ for a new screen because their manufacturing and/or design have issues. After paying that much for a phone and getting cheap quality I’m not liking Apple so much. Had an iPhone 4 that got dropped a fair amount and never had a cracked screen. Time for Android?

Nov 5, 2014 8:35 AM

My phone dropped no more than two feet a few weeks after I got it and the phone cracked on 3 corners, they want $109.00 to replace it. Even if I had Apple Care it would still cost $80.00. Apple needs to wake up and realize that they put out a crappy product this go around!

Nov 5, 2014 8:44 AM

iPhone 6, never dropped, 6 weeks old. In fabric pouch of a beach chair on a 75 degree day (nothing pressing on screen, no impact, no flexing) — at 11:30, screen was fine; at 12:30 pulled it out and screen had substantial cracks emanating from the thinnest part of the glass right below the home button. Immediately went to Apple store, was told to come back two days later (earliest available Genius appt). By that time, cracks were substantially worse. Genius insisted only hairline cracks covered under warranty, only option was to pay $109 for screen replacement. Asked to speak to manager who reiterated same thing: «We have no way of knowing what happened, so it’s considered physical damage and not covered under warranty». I reluctantly agreed to pay for replacement but insisted they include in service notes that «Customer reports cracks were spontaneous — no impact, no flex, no thermal stress» along with specific info on the location and spread of the cracks. A day or two later, Apple requested a survey about my experience and I made my displeasure very clear — not with the Geniuses, who were polite and professional throughout, but rather Apple failing to stand behind its product. A different store manager followed up on the survey response and after extended polite discussion eventually reversed the charge.

If you have spontaneous cracks appear, I suggest you document it immediately and insist that the techs record your assertion that there was no impact. That way if a pattern does emerge indicating a manufacturing defect affecting some phones, you will stand a better chance of recouping the screen replacement cost. With the accelerometers in the iPhone 6 it seems like they ought to be able to pull a shock history looking for impacts, just like the moisture tattle-tales that belie water damage.

If you actually drop the phone, though — it’s on you and at least Apple reduced the replacement cost vs. 4/5. It did appear that they were replacing a LOT of iPhone 6 screens. Even the first Genius I spoke to said he had shattered his iPhone 6 screen dropping it onto the counter at Starbucks.

Nov 25, 2014 11:53 AM

this has happen to my iphone 6 just late last night when i took it out of my pocket like i normally do, and i freaked out when i see a cracked screen. i have never dropped my iphone 6, i never abused it i take very good care of my iphone 6. i also have a body glove iphone 6 case & a screen gaurdz pure plexie glass screen protector & these accesseries are not cheap when it comes to protecting your phone, i had since november 30 2014 walking out of a att store with these accesseries on my brand new iphone 6 since then nothing has happen to my iphone 6 unitl last night april 2 2015, as i said before i took it out of my pocket and all i see is a screen cracked mind you i never dropped, misused, abused, & and i had all protection for this iphone 6 and my screen is cracked in my pocket? i just dont understand i felt hurt like if someone played a dirty trick on me. ive since called att my service provider which i pay about $10 extra a month for insurance and what i was told that i might of had it in a «tight pocket» and that this happens alot to customers huh? no i dont wear tight pants miss and ive always had it in my pocket since the day i got it, so i then said can i get a replacement please she then said it will cost you «200$ to replace» huh? im already paying for this phone out of pocket, i simply hung up the phone on her. i hate insurance you pay so much but your not covered for certain things and if your covered you have to pay something. i have registered and have warrenty on all my accesseries and im going to call them and see if they can replace my phone being that there products are shock and shattered proof, if they dont replace i still have my 1 year manufactured warrenty from apple so i will hope something will come threw and i will not be charged for something that isnt my fault. @cslabs i hope it can work for me has your situation worked for you. i will be posting a reply once my situation is resolved or not. signing out!

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