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How To crack Into

Best collection of cool android tips and technological tricks

Hello all, You all must had a smartest phone which is android phone. Previously I have rold you that android operating system us not just a simple calling phone.

It just makes the your mobile phone capable of doing so many things. Now i am coming direct to topic. If you are in relationship or other things with a person, then you strongly wanna know that they think about you?

You wanna crack into their mobile phones and want to see multimedia pictures, videos,messages etc.

Well, if the victim happens to be using an Android smartphone then your luck has just opened up because now we shall disclose a simple way of hacking into an Android smartphone. Basically you have to download the relevant software from a trusted site (make sure you don’t download from any third party site since it could be malicious and if installed, could steal your browsing history or make your files corrupt). What’s pretty amazing is that such software also are available for free which means you don’t have to spend any $$$ just to acquire the hacking software.

1. Total Anonymity – Victim will never realized the he/she is being hack at any point of the time.

2. Complete access to his mobile – Text Messages, File Manager (videos, images and files).

3. Victim’s mobile could be used for variety of purposes such as a microphone, a camera, to send SMS.

4. Acquire All Files – All the files in their mobile could be downloaded by you in your computer.

5. Works VIA Internet! – No need of physically having the victim’s mobile during the entire process. Entire process is done remotely from a secure connection as long as there is Internet!

1. The victim and the hacker need to remain connected to the internet during the entire process of hack.

2. Only works if you know the country code of the mobile number and the mobile number itself.


Download Androidphonesniff Tool from here.

Simply run the software after activating it fully.

Activate it by going to ‘Help’ then activate product> and then click get activation code if you do not have any code.

Now enter the Victim mobile Number.

Verify the code and wait till you are connected to the selected country.

Now, on the “Report” section you can browse files you want to acquire and export them using the export method available.

This amazing tool is free to use and will not charge you a single dime from using it! Make sure you wont harm anyone on using this tool. We the creator highly revoke the legality on anyone’s using our tool.

Note:- SR Tricks strictly advice you to not to use this trick for any illegal works. This tutorial is only for educatioal purpuse.

Enjoy tricking with SR Tricks.

Using LinkedIn to Find Target Prospects

Prospecting has changed. There is no denying that the same tried and true methods that worked 3 years ago, have lost their luster. Companies are guarding their employee data like never before, so finding the right person to call is tougher than ever. Gone are the days when you could call into a switchboard and ask for “the person responsible for X”, Without a name, you may be stuck at the gate indefinitely.

Many databases exist out there (, Hoovers, OneSource to name a few) claiming to provide the most up-to-date information on the prospects and companies

that matter to you. While some of the information may be good, it quickly becomes dated. What we really need is for prospects to update their own information

– which they do, in LinkedIn. Many sales reps use LinkedIn to look up prospects, and to build their network, but few have mastered it as a prospecting tool. This guide will show you how to use LinkedIn to find a way into virtually any company.

  1. Expand your view beyond your network – It is critical that you upgrade your LinkedIn profile to a professional business subscription. By upgrading, you will be able to search and view profiles that are outside your network on LinkedIn. It costs roughly $50/month, which hopefully your company will cover for you, but if not, consider it a small investment to increase prospecting success.
  2. Build your personal brand within LinkedIn – Once you start identifying prospects and calling on them, chances are they may look you up. Build out your LinkedIn profile by providing a description of your role, and what your company does for their

customers. Share real metrics for success. Share helpful links and resources on your LinkedIn wall. All of these activities will help you appear as the credible professional you are.

  • Increase your network the easy way – You should be connected to every employee in your company, including board members, advisors, and executives. If not, start by sending LinkedIn connection requests to each person. A connection to a prospect is always going to be a warmer call.
  • Join relevant groups – Search for Groups that are relevant to your industry, your prospect’s functional role, related associations, etc. Often you can find a gold mine of prospects just by looking at the member list for a group, which you can only do if you are a member of the group. Just be discreet, don’t spam the group with pitches about your company, or you may be asked to leave the group.
  • Searching for prospects in your target accounts: Use the advanced search to look up prospects (locate the “Advanced” search tool to the right of the search box in the upper right corner of your LinkedIn page). See screenshot #1 below. I recommend searching by:

    • Company Name – enter the company name into the box on the right-hand side of the page
    • Keywords – enter titles and functional terms here rather than in the title box. It will give you a wider potential for results (more on that below).

    Screenshot #1 – Using Advanced Search

    Attending conferences and trade shows in your field or industry is one of the best ways to network, find new clients, and catch up on new industry trends. However, these events are typically not cheap and often come with a $300+ price tag. For example, the upcoming New Media Expo (NMX) in Las Vegas runs $897 for an all-access pass- and that’s before you pay for airfare and a hotel. The good news is that you can attend pricey conferences and trade shows completely free. Here’s how.

    Volunteer your time.

    Conferences and trade shows are massive undertakings that require a lot of labor. Many of these events offer free session passes in exchange for just a few hours of your time as a volunteer.

    When checking out a conference or trade show that you’d like to attend, find the contact link (usually located at the bottom of the website) and write the event organizers about volunteer opportunities. Keep in mind that volunteer slots are filled quickly so it’s best if you start making inquiries months ahead of the event.

    Present a talk.

    There’s a good chance that the conference or trade show you’re itching to attend is in a field related to your current work. As such, you probably do have a topic or two that you could present at this event. If you’re nervous about public speaking or don’t think you’re a big enough name in your field to warrant a talk, don’t worry: most conferences and trade shows offer exhibitors the chance to create and display posters too.

    Participating in a poster session is one of the most common methods that I’ve used to get into conferences. Being on the exhibitor floor with your poster (or product) also brings people to you, allowing you to make valuable networking contacts without having to chase anyone down.

    Get a press pass.

    If you’re a journalist for even a small town newspaper, you have a golden opportunity to use your press pass (typically obtained through your publisher) to get into all kinds of conferences and trade shows for free. However, what if you’re not a journalist? Not to worry; thanks to the recent revolution in media, bloggers, writers, photographers, videographers and podcasters can also qualify as “press” according to the U.S. Press Association. You can obtain a basic press pass containing your photo for just $43 (students pay $35) from the USPA.

    On another note, if you are an online/offline publisher with a large enough following, you may ask the conference/trade show organizers directly if they would give you press status in exchange for covering the event on your blog, website, newsletter, etc. Since organizers typically want to increase attendance at the event and at its recurrence the following year, they are very interested in working with folks who can spread news about it now and after its conclusion.

    Get corporate/organizational sponsorship.

    If you work at a company or are part of an organization or club, find out if this entity offers any kind of sponsorships or scholarships to your conference/trade show. In some cases, the company or club may not offer passes- but the non-profit it supports (companies often do this for a handy tax deduction) does. Do some online sleuthing to find out which, if any, charitable organizations are being supported by your workplace. Then, target them too.

    If the answer is still no or you are no longer employed, network with some of the sponsoring companies or organizations of your target conference or trade show. Sponsors are usually listed on the website of the event and mentioned as being gold, silver, platinum, etc. given their level of patronage.

    These companies might already have representatives at the show, but they may also be agreeable to paying your way as long as you help with booth/table set-up, handing out promotional flyers, etc. In this case, it helps if you already know someone from the sponsoring company and can network your way to those free passes.

    Find/win free passes online.

    Sometimes, you can Google your way to free conference/trade show passes. For example, when I searched for free passes to Y’all Connect, a corporate blogging conference that’s held in Birmingham, I found at least two contests giving away free passes. The NMX event that occurred earlier this year had at least two contests giving away free passes. Free Comic-Con passes were being offered on at least three sites after I input “free comic con passes” on Google search.

    And unexpectedly enough, I even found free passes to the AACR (American Association of Cancer Research) meeting being offered online by an exhibitor, and on Craigslist no less.

    Get creative.

    What if you try all the methods outlined above and still can’t get a free event pass? My advice is to get creative. Find some outside sponsors- maybe even from your pool of readers or clients. Make a promise that if you raise enough money to go to your desired conference or trade show, your sponsors will receive something in return like a detailed report or article or a blog post series. Or maybe you can meet with and later present one of the big names attending the event as a speaker or mentor to your sponsors. You might even wish to crowdfund your venture and offer something back to your backers.

    The possibilities are certainly out there if you’re looking for a way to get into a conference or trade show for free. Perhaps you have found an alternate way for cracking into conferences and trade shows (and no, sneaking in the back door doesn’t count)? If so, please leave a comment below. Thank you and good luck!

    Halina Zakowicz

    Halina Zakowicz is a full-time freelance writer, investor and aspiring sci-fi novelist. In her spare time, she appreciates the finer points of zymology by brewing various hops-infused concoctions.

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    Ahh, I didn’t even know someone could purchase a press pass (nor did I think of it). Not sure how well that works, but I appreciate you giving me the awareness.

    I didn’t think to ask the sponsors for booth volunteer opps either. I’ve asked the conference organizer and mostly been ignored, so trying several options really is key.

    With that in mind, thank you for this writeup. Bookmarked.

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