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Have You Been Smoking crack

Posted: 16 Aug 2012, 14:05 , posted by Scott H.

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1. good2great posted on 16 Aug 2012, 14:07 +45

lol yall still dont like her huh?

19. Sniggly posted on 16 Aug 2012, 14:32 +37

Our earliest evaluations of her may have been too harsh. While one can’t deny some of the dumbass decisions she’s made regarding Samsung’s case, she has begun to redeem herself as of late.

27. -box- posted on 16 Aug 2012, 14:57 +11

If you recall, our early early evaluations of her (months ago, before this trial) were pretty positive, as she seemed to cut through BS and had a bit of an attitude with fillibustering lawyers. Maybe we’re seeing that side of her again!

32. p0rkguy posted on 16 Aug 2012, 15:15 +8

I believe it’s that time of the month and she’s at risk of losing her job if she does comply with Apple’s wishes.

70. MeoCao (unregistered) posted on 16 Aug 2012, 19:48 +6

Haha, best comment evevr about judge Koh, seriously.

77. ardent1 posted on 16 Aug 2012, 23:32 +5

I am just happy the android camp have refrained from (a) making racist remarks because she’s asian, (b) making personal attacks on her qualifications (despite having a Harvard Law Degree), etc., etc.

93. remixfa posted on 18 Aug 2012, 14:24 +3

yes, because its «the android camp» that always makes racist remarks and personal attacks.

100. samystic posted on 20 Aug 2012, 00:56 +0

just logged in to thank you for one of the most meaningful comment made on PhoneArena — a place for trolls and anti people.

28. jaytai0106 posted on 16 Aug 2012, 14:57 +17

If I were her, I would throw out the whole case and taken patents from both companies by now. Instead of suing each other, they could have sat down and discuss the matter like grown up. All the money is wasted for nothing really. Why don’t they decide to use that money invest in a cell phone battery that can holds 3 times the charge as the current battery. Everyone in this world would be much happier. Form factors look similar? Haven’t you realized a lot of cars now these days kind of look alike, and we never hear about any law suit. Give all us a break and give us a better battery.

45. prophet posted on 16 Aug 2012, 15:55 +16

I was just thinking that the other day. It’s like Ford deciding they are going to sue every other manufacturer for having side mirrors, a rectangular glass windscreen and a steering wheel for maneuver control.

74. Teejay1100 posted on 16 Aug 2012, 21:22 +3

Well said, was thinking the same exact thing!!

51. SuperMaoriBro posted on 16 Aug 2012, 17:13 +8

A better example is found in other electronics. look how similar TVs all look — do you see those manufacturers suing each other?

59. Droid_X_Doug posted on 16 Aug 2012, 18:17 +7

Your analogy is a bit premature — Apple isn’t yet in the TV market. Once they start selling their Apple-branded TVs, I expect the lawsuits to fly fast and furious. Even with the same protagonists (Apple and Sammy).

76. Forsaken77 posted on 16 Aug 2012, 22:24 +2

Wait till Apple enters the TV market. you’ll see it then.

50. Droid_X_Doug posted on 16 Aug 2012, 16:59 +1

Interesting how early victories can foster hubris that becomes counter-productive. This is definitely a set-back of consequence for Apple.

58. joey_sfb posted on 16 Aug 2012, 18:04 +2

Poor Judge Koh trying to reason with the unreasonable.

65. GuiltyBystander posted on 16 Aug 2012, 18:48 +1

Yes, I still don’t like her.

91. SamsungThief posted on 18 Aug 2012, 13:22 +1

Koh is debilating her image defending a company like Samsung who not only steals the exact merchanddise designs, but also steals the exact actors which Apple uses. Samsung displays behavior of targeting Apple and those ads using the exact actors, advertising a similar product is evidence of a direct and veiled attack against Apple.

Samsung Hires Exact actress as Apple did to Star In Their Ad for the Same Product

Samsung Displays Intent to Imitate and Copy Every Aspect of Apple

92. ncv144 posted on 18 Aug 2012, 13:44 +2

This guy is smoking more crack than apple lawyers, actors can be hired by anyone for any purpose, their job is to act.

95. Googlethis posted on 18 Aug 2012, 14:44 +3

ncv has a point but like verizon did with the guy that says «can you hear me now» they patented the charracter he played. so no other company can use him as the same characters or apear in similar clothing with simliar props that would make them apear simlilar in the new ad at least thats my understanding and i am not saying that samsung products look like apples so they would be fine for use in the adds. granted thats up to the judge to deside

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