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Hamster On crack

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West’s hamster on crack

Quote: This is about how people—particularly women—are treated on the internet when we challenge entrenched power structures. We are treated like subhuman garbage,

Quote: It is not, typically, what happens to men on the internet. It is gendered. It is the consequence for women if we complain about shit that is shitty for women.

Notice how neither of these portrayals are framed in a way that might consider how these women are complaining, whether or not their complaints are reasonable, or whether they involve accusations. It’s a total denial of any responsibility or ownership for said complaints.

Quote: I can think of instances of funny, political, retaliatory trolling—like when Twitter feminists co-opted the #INeedMasculismBecause hashtag, or when Rick Perry’s Facebook page was deluged with questions about menses. But those are not examples of aggression, they are self-defense. They are not analogous to «I will rape you in an alley» or «Don’t leave your phone at home, sweetie.» They are reactions to misogyny—the same brand of misogyny that fuels internet trolling. They are women speaking to power—the same power structure that empowers and perpetuates anonymous trolls.

Notice how when feminists troll, it’s «defensive.» It isn’t aggression, no it’s defense against victimization; it’s retaliatory. Nevermind that most of the manosphere is itself reactionary to feminism, none of that matters. Women aren’t responsible for any male anger, so if any is expressed, that is the aggression , not the 50 years of feminism that preceded it.

Quote: Cumulatively, the sheer volume of hate that we’re expected to shoulder, in silence, every day, is wearing a lot of people out and shutting down rational discourse. Female bloggers are being hounded off the internet. Teenage girls are being hounded off the earth. There’s no good solution, but we have to do what we can to stop these people—unmask them, shame them, mock them, cement their status as social pariahs—for our own sanity and for those whose armor isn’t so thick (upgrade yo greaves, son).

West of course, has never shut down rational discourse with puerile accusations of privilege or misogyny, she’s completely innocent in all of this. What is particularly amazing about this passage is that the same could be said about men or MRA bloggers (except the part about being hounded off the earth, that’s pretty ludicrous), but Lindy just doesn’t see both sides to the story. She’s enamored with her own vision of female victimization.

Quote: I know what I’m going to do. Whatever I fucking feel like doing. I’m sick of being told that I’m navigating my own abuse wrong. I am not interested in being anyone’s chew toy—you can chew on me, but I am full of poison.

This is basically an example of the you-go-girlism face of feminism. There is no onus to understand or communicate, it is acceptable for a woman to just do whatever she feels like in the name of empowerment.