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Excel Spreadsheet crack

My friend David, who works as a financial accountant first time, encountered a knotty problem recently that he lost MS Excel password when he was about to count financial statements. He was in a great trouble and had no idea. Facing with the same problem? How can we crack encrypted MS excel files?

Usage trend and importance of Excel password recovery

Have you experienced Excel password lost ?

With widely used to perform basic calculations and data management, MS Excel tends to occupy a higher market regardless of individuals or communities. By the same token, losing Excel password can be a universal thing. Since Excel utility appear more and more important to us, should we bypass Excel password protected?

According to a survey displayed below, Excel password recovery ranks first with its hot usage.

Obviously, from the figure, we see that password protection awareness has embedded into people’s mind gradually. Thus, has any way to recover Excel password ?

How to Crack Excel password?

Did you lost Excel password once and how to crack Excel password? Have any card up your sleeve? Or, still annoyed by the thrilling trouble? Here are the main solutions to recover Excel password.

Method one: Try hard with memory

As we often meticulously select the Excel password, a worthwhile date, student ID or someone’s birthday date, it is not difficult in retrieving the lost Excel 2007 password successfully with these clues.

Method two: Take an Excel password recovery tool

My friend David tried hard to remember the Excel password, the result is in vain. Afterwards, He was informed to ask Excel Password Unlocker for help. In the end, his lost Excel password was decrypted and he regained all the data in the spreadsheet. Excel Password Unlocker in hand, everything goes well!

Excel Password Unlocker seems like a wizardly and handy key which can immediately recover Excel password by yourself without a technical support. Furthermore, with three different kinds of attack types, it will save your day when you select the suitable type of MS Excel password Unlocker.

By the way, if you incur other Office series (Word, PowerPoint) password encrypted, Office Password Unlocker happens to help with Office password recovery.

I tried writing a vba password cracker code similar to the code I used to crack Excel sheet’s password But I am not sure if I am doing correctly or not — when i tried this code it prompted me for password but no password was entered to the text input box.

Please suggest what I am doing wrong.

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The reason your code is not executing properly is because you are attempting to execute a macro on a password protected execel file, which is not permitted. This is due to the fact that macros will not execute on an excel workbook until the password is entered — thus the prompt for a password before you can execute your macro code.

This SO article explains this as well, with greater detail: Excel VBA — Automatically Input Password

For 2003

If you are trying to access the workbook, not the worksheet, there are a variety of ways in versions 2003 and earlier. After a quick perusual, this blogspot Code Samples entry appears to have a working version for unprotecting a 2003 workbook.

Also, on a related note, if you are stepping back even further and trying to unlock a VBA project, this SO article appears to adequately address the issue.

For 2007

If you are simply trying to «brute force» unprotect a client’s workbook, a gentleman named Jason has outlined such a process in his blog.

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