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Drm crack For Itunes

As we know, videos purchased and downloaded from iTunes and BBC iPlayer are locked by the DRM protection and can only play on specified players. However, there are many occasions when you want to share your videos with family and friends who owns a non-compatible media player or play them on your newly-bought Android phones or tablets. To freely play the movies and music bought from iTunes and BBC iPlayer, you need to crack DRM protection from iTunes and BBC iPlayer movies/music first.

To make the job simple, you can get DRM Media Converter and finish cracking iTunes and BBC iPlayer DRM in a few mouse clicks! Besides iTunes and BBC iPlayer, it can also crack DRM protection from Amazon, Rhapsody, Zune Marketplace, etc. Furthermore, this DRM removal can serve as a good video converter to convert among all popular video/audio formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, M4V, MKV, MPG, WMA, MP3, OGG, AAC, etc. Now get it and free your DRM-protected iTunes M4V videos, M4P music and BBC iPlayer WMV videos with ease!

After downloading, install and launch the DRM removal. The main interface of the software is as below. You can either drag and drop videos to the source pane or click the «Add» button to select the import video and audio to the program.

2 Select output format

Select the output video and audio format you prefer from «Video files to» and «Audio files to» respectively. Lots of output formats are provided. There are also some video presets for devices.

3 Start cracking DRM from iTunes and BBC iPlayer movies/music

When all the settings are OK, tap the «Start» button on the main interface to start cracking DRM protection from iTunes and BBC iPlayer movies/music and convert them to the format you want. When the conversion finishes, you can click «Find Target» to get the converted DRM-free media files and play them anywhere you like.

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We Have Been Restricted by DRM

DRM is short for Digital Rights Management which is a kind of code that is embedded into a media file (audio or video file) in order to prevent digital piracy. DRM produces limitation to make applications unable to play the audio or video file. Besides, it also prevents the media files from being burnt to a CD or DVD disc, as well as being transfered or synced to a non-Apple portable player.

iTunes provides millions of movies, TV shows and other videos for you to download — you need purchase or rent them before downloading. Apple has added the DRM to these iTunes videos to protect them from unauthorized copying and playing. However, even though we have paid for those iTunes videos, the DRM is still there. This may cause much inconvenience when we need to transfer the purchased iTunes videos to portable players for playing. Here, let’s explore together how to convert iTunes M4V videos with 100% losslessly quality at 20X faster speed.

It seems that the only choice is to remove DRM from iTunes videos!

Removing DRM is not an easy job, though there have been more and more software or tools being announced to to able to remove DRM or unlock DRM media files, most of them are developed based on screen recording technology. With the screen recording technology, we can easily get the whole video which have been played till to the end. The recorded video doesn’t have DRM any more, but there will be a huge quality loss in video and audio. This may not be a problem when we use a portable device to play it. However, when you are playing the recorded video on big screen devices such as HD TV, such a low video quality would make you no longer want to enjoy the video any more.

How to Directly Crack iTunes DRM Video with Original Quality Kept at High Speed?

NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus (For Mac & For Windows) adopts an innovative DRM decrypting technique which makes it possible to unlock iTunes DRM videos with lossless video and audio quality. It is the best iTunes DRM Video Converter which helps you to directly crack the DRM iTunes video and convert both iTunes purchased and rented videos to unprotected video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, and etc.

Below is a quick guide for you on how to losslessly remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos with NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus:

Step 1: Download and Install the Latest version of NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus.

Step 2: Add DRM iTunes vides to NoteBurner iTunes DRM Video Converter.

Click the Add Movies button on the main interface to open iTunes library tab. The program will automatically search the DRM M4V videos from iTunes Media folder. Then, select the files you want to convert and then click OK.

Step 3: Choose Same as Source for MP4/MOV Profile.

Go to the dropdown list next to «Convert to», you can choose the output format from the profile menu. To losslessly convert iTunes DRM M4V files, we suggest you choosing «Same as source for mp4» or «Same as source for mov».

Step 4: Start to Losslessly Convert DRM iTunes Videos at High Speed.

Click the button «Convert» on the bottom of the main interface and the program will start to convert iTunes M4V to lossless MP4 or MOV files without DRM.

Just waiting for a while, the DRM-ed videos are free form any restriction, and you can enjoy the converted videos on any devices you want to play with its original lossless quality.

Devices restriction: You can only watch iTunes renatls on the following devices.

• An iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (with iOS 3.1.3 or later).

• An iPod classic or iPod nano (3rd, 4th, or 5th generation).

• A TV through Apple TV.

Rental period restrictions: You have 30 days to start watching a movie after you rent it. After you start watching the movie, you have 24 hours (in the US) or 48 hours (elsewhere) to finish it. You can watch the movie as often as you like until it expires. If you don’t start watching a movie within 30 days, you must rent it again. Movies you rent will disappear from your iTunes library when the rental period ends.

YouTube Tutorial:

What’s next? Download NoteBurner iTunes DRM Video Converter now!

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Introduction: Crack Itunes Protected Music (remove DRM Protection)

By KevinSaw Follow More by

Music was a huge part of society in the past, but with technology it is bigger than ever! The fastest, and easiest way to get music these days is via the Internet («The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to b!tch about movies and share pronagraphy with one another. » — Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back!).

Step 1: The CD Method — Intoduction

The easiest way is the CD method.

It works some times, but not all the time, depending on what version of iTunes you have.

Step 2: The CD Method- Procedure

2) Get a blank CD

3) Put the songs that you want on a playlist

4) Burn the playlist

5) Import the playlist back into iTunes

6) Check to see if the DRM is gone, and if the file is now an mp3

Step 3: The Program Method — Introduction

This is the most reliable method.

It’s the program method.

What this program does is it automatically changes the songs that you select from DRM written to .mp3 files.

It’s called myFairTunes.

The following link is where you can download it.

Step 4: The Program Method — Using the Program

The program is very straight foward.

1) Choose the file that you’d like to convert by choosing the names on the left

2) Choose a location where you would like the files to be saved to by clicking the «. » button on the right

3) Click Start Conversion

4) Wait for it to convert all the files

5) Import the songs into iTunes!

Edit: I’ve been getting a lot of messages and comments about APPLE PLUS songs.

It’s just another one of Apple’s scams to rip us off.

Music should not be DRMed to begin with. They reason is, we ARE going to get around it.

97% of people are getting rid of DRMs because they either A) can’t use the music they paid for with their mp3 player B) bought music and have the right to share it with another computer (lets say from their laptop to pc) or C) wanna promote a band to their friend

The 3% that started this DRM problem are the blackmarketers.

Funny thing is, THEY don’t buy their music off apple.com. They buy 1 CD for $15, Duplicate it 3000 times, and sell them for $4 each.

Apple is restricting the wrong crowd.

DRM restrictions are set for the wrong reasons.

Instead of putting DRMs on music that we want to use and share, They should put more cops in areas prone to illegal duplications of CDs and DVDs. Arrest them, take all of their merchandise, and stick them with a fine. Sooner of later, They’ll stop selling because they will have the fear of being arrested.

People who are complaining about paying for music are NOT seeing the bigger picture.

WE are not the ones who need to be restricted; The blackmarketers are.

We still buy our music, (atleast most of us), and we are just fed up with the extra time and effort it takes to put music on OUR mp3 players and OUR computers.

THAT is the reason DRM is such a dumb idea, and THAT is why Apple and other companies are corrupt and just do DRMs so more people are forced to buy their music.

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    Timwis 1 year ago

    More helpful to know what versions of iTunes the cd method works on?

    danlab 9 years ago

    To clarify the many people asking whether or not this is legal here you go: in article 10 of apples terms and agreements it does state that «(vii) You shall be entitled to export, burn (if applicable) or copy (if applicable) Products solely for personal, noncommercial use. » However it also states: «(x) You agree that you will not attempt to, or encourage or assist any other person to, circumvent or modify any security technology or software that is part of the Service or used to administer the Usage Rules. » So, technically it is perfectly fine to copy and burn the music to a cd etc, however it is clearly against the itunes policy to remove the copy protection from their music; which is to the best of my knowledge means it is not «Illegal» however it does give itunes the right to disable your account, prevent you from purchasing any more music from them, and possibly even prevent you from ever using Itunes again. Overall, it is not illegal for say, but it is against the wishes of Itunes, yet there is no way for Itunes to find out that you are doing this and if you are as annoyed with apple and itunes as most people are it should not concern you in the least.

    TorM4 1 year ago

    apple decided not to let me use my purchased music. so theyre agreement is null and void for me.

    danlab 9 years ago

    if you want to look at the actual terms of service from itunes it is here: http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/service.html

    A P3RS0N 9 years ago

    Simpler ways to do this: 1. Black hole it 2. convert to WAV and back

    TorM4 1 year ago

    what does «black hole it» mean?

    CraigK3 2 years ago

    I made up my own way. Use Handbrake. Open HB, select destination to be Desktop. After Handbrake converts the AAC Protected file to M4v it will appear on your desktop, then simply manually change the file extension to m4a. Now double click to open in iTunes.

    knexcthulu 7 years ago

    hey yeah ive gotten this ipod off a friend who didn’t want it anymore nd he left to go to america permanently and theres tons of apps nd songs nd stuff but they need authorization but i cant get it from my friend so can anyone helpo me i rly want to get them onto my computor so i dont lose them forever and have to download them again(most were payed ones) can anyone help me?

    A good name 7 years ago

    I used to pirate all my music, then I started buying. Part way through they introduced DRM. I spent months trying to find a way to remove DRM, but now I’m just pirating all my music and going to concerts instead (which is how artists make more money)

    bill121 9 years ago

    my fair tunes doesn’t work it just has an error and quits!

    DrGabriel 8 years ago

    It might only work with older versions of Itunes.

    moagnor 9 years ago

    iTunes has a quality at only 128, which is VERY compressed, so the quality is already very low compared to a CD. When you do this trick the sound gets even worse. Maybe you claim that you can’t hear it, but try to burn, import, then burn the imported and import that again a few times over. Or just listen to a 128 quality mp3 compared to a CD.

    bishyk 9 years ago

    Digital copies are loseless. otherwise it’ll be a failed copy and the disc burn/import is aborted. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is what I’ve always thought. If you put 128 bits/s in then you get that back out since the bumps on the disc represent a «digital» representation of the file. I haven’t tested this since I have better things to do with my CD-R’s 😀

    stussy 8 years ago

    digital copies are lossless, but mp3 compression is lossy data compression.

    abadfart 9 years ago

    how about getting the protection off of a movie you bought off of itunes

    mfmpp 9 years ago

    Hi All, In a little bit of a jam here. I just bought an ipod off of ebay and the seller said there would be tons of music on there, which there was, unfortunately about half of the songs are not authorized to play on my computer. I don’t know if there is any way of bypassing this so as to play the songs, even if i have to convert it to another format. any help is greatly appreciated. Thx.

    Gamer917 9 years ago

    i use doubletwist (google it)

    everyones a chump 10 years ago

    There are actually places on the internet you can buy songs for say 10 cents each. They are legal because they are in places like Russia where it is legal to sell the songs for so low a price and it is legal to buy them here in america. Also, some of them record what you buy so that if you harddrive dies you can re-download yous songs for free, so why use itunes or any american store when you can get them better and cheaper somewhere else? Also, limewire is crap, it didn’t use to be, but the government now records everything you upload, so you will get caught if you download something illegal off of limewire don’t use it!

    Rob K 10 years ago

    Itunes does not have a re-download option. If you lose what you bought and did not back up, you get screwed.

    MatrixEagle15 10 years ago

    i know its REALLY retarded my library crashed like 5 times now and every time i loose my downloaded songs