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Crack Using Videos

Scientists from universities in China and the UK have published research that details a novel method that breaks Android’s pattern lock system based on videos of people entering their patterns from distances of up to nine meters away.

Android Pattern Lock is a default component of the Android OS that allows users to lock their devices using a nine-dot pattern. Users that want to access the device must enter the correct pattern in five (or ten) tries.

Researchers analyze videos of users entering pattern locks

According to a team of researchers from Northwest University in China, and the Lancaster University and the University of Bath in the UK, this phone security system can be defeated quite easily with the help of special software.

Researchers say that an attacker can film the target entering a pattern lock code on their phone from afar and feed this video inside special software that uses a computer vision algorithm to analyze the phone screen’s position and the user’s finger path to deduce the correct pattern.

The software researchers created was able to crack 95% of patterns from 120 test subjects, in a maximum of five attempts, the number after which some Android devices will lock down the phone and its data for good.

The more complex the pattern, the better

Surprisingly, researchers said the more complex the pattern was, the easier was to crack, with most complex patterns falling after the first attempt.

They explained this by saying the more finger movements attackers capture on film, the easier is for the algorithm to determine the position of different dots on the screen and then reconstruct the correct pattern.

In tests, researchers say they cracked all complex patterns in the first attempt, except one. Further, they also cracked 87.5% of all medium complexity patterns in the first try, and 60% of the easy patterns.

Method works with videos filmed from up to 9 meters away

All of this depends on the attacker’s ability to get a video of the victim entering their pattern, which shouldn’t be a problem in crowded places.

According to the research team, videos recorded with built-in phone cameras were useful enough if they were shot from a distance of up to 2.5 meters. For professional DSLR cameras, this distance goes up to nine meters.

Because some users have the habit of reusing patterns makes it possible to record the pattern lock on one device, and use it on another.

More details can be found in the researchers’ work titled «Cracking Android Pattern Lock in Five Attempts,» set to be presented at The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2017 (NDSS 2017), an event set to be held in San Diego at the end of February.

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