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Crack Star War Empire At War

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hmm, well with the original disk, it should work. perhaps you’ve messed up something in the registry.. what error do you get?

did you try other anti blacklist programs. perhaps secufix from the curerom site could help.

i’ve EAW since it came out (even the Special Ed version w. the fancy litle plastic eathstar ).

Everything worked peachy for months. about 2 weeks ago, i found that Ultimate EAW mode (under the URL above), a nice, canon-compliant Mod. It dosent make changes to the exec/DLL’s at all, it only adds XML, LUA-scripts and 3D-art/soundFX files and starts it up w. a command-switch like «\\Empire at War\GameData\sweaw.exe» MODPATH=Mods\UEAW_v3_2_2″ thats it. The mod ran fine, no crashes no glitches — even worked fine w. the trainer (ya, i know, i cheat :P)

since then, nada, nichts, nothing!

Not even a fracking error-code/-msg! If the disc is NOT in the drive it was installed from, i get the usual error «ENTER DISC — RETRY/CANCEL». If the disc is in the drive, the mouse-cursor changes for

500ms to «SYSTEM OCCUPIED» (which is arrow w. sandclock, opposed to SYSTEM BUSY for sandclock-only display) and thats it. Not even the CPU-load jumps beyond 20%.

So i uninstall the UEAW-mod. Zero results

So i uninstall the whole EAW, reinstall EAW, apply lastest patch (v1.05) reinstall mod. Zero results.

since it was (Murphy again) long «LaborDay weekend» in the USA, i had to wait till TUE.

So am calling LucasArts support-line. [mirror-mirror on the wall who waited the longest of them all?]. oh miracle, am NOT talking to «Joe» in Bangladesh, India — a real american (sorry, couldnt resist).

and no, my box is 100% virus-free. other games (like CivCity ROME, or City of Villains or SPELLFORCE 2 to name a couple modern ones) run perfectly fine.

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