Crack On My Ipod Touch Screen

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Crack On My Ipod Touch Screen

iPod Touch 3rd generation or later

I spent hours of searching on the internet trying to find a way to unlock my iPod Touch 8G without having to use the slide to unlock because my screen is cracked. I had even contacted Apple Support and was told that I could not unlock my iPod Touch without using the slide lock and that the only way to unlock it was to replace the screen which costs $100.00. I can’t afford this right now but I wanted access to my applications on my device.

After searching through Help from the iTunes screen, this is what I was eventually instructed to do:

  1. First connect your iPod Touch to your computer.
  2. In iTunes, select your device and click the Summary button which is towards the top of the iTunes screen right beside Apps.
  3. Click the button that says Universal Access which is located towards the bottom of the iTunes screen right below Options.
  4. Select Voice Over in the options then click ok.
  5. Click continue.
  6. You will hear your iPod say «Screen locked.» When you try to slide to unlock it will say: «Slide to unlock.» Wait a second and it will say: «Slide to unlock or double-tap.» Double-tap. Your screen will then be unlocked.
  7. I then tapped the setting icon on my iPod Touch, then tapped passcode lock, tapped Simple Passcode to ON. I chose a very simple passcode using the numbers that I was able to easily tap due to my cracked screen. Here you can also change the Auto-Lock settings. I you choose never, be aware that this will drain your battery. But your screen won’t automatically lock either.
  8. After changing to a Passcode Lock, I hooked my iPod Touch back up to my computer, performed steps 1-4 again but thiis time for the options I clicked on neither which is right below Voice Over. This will enable you to more freely use and navigate on your iPod.

Depending on the severity of the cracks, you may not have access to some of your apps. To fix some of this problem, you can rearrange them through your iTunes on your computer to make it easier to access them.

I am having issues using my keyboard though and some of my apps are a little harder to use because of the cracks but at least I am able to use my iPod once again until I can make arrangements to have it repaired.

unable to operate unit,screen cracked.

my ipod touch screen is cracked i need someone to fix it for me

mine works but cracked

My itouch screen is cracked and i want to know how much it will cost to fix

my screen craked but its all functional where can i fix it

HELP. How Can I repair an Ipod Touch screen which is cracked in lower left hand corner.

I have the same problem, I don’t know how to approach the APPLE people about it though!


ipod touch screen cracked in upper left corner

i was playing hockey and drooped my i pod and cracked the screen like some person on this website said that it still works but is distracting someone please help me I’m desprit i need to get it fixed i just got it a couple months ago.

Dropped it in school. The crack is just ditracting but works perfectly fine, but i don’t want it to get worse. Any estimates for the Apple store repair??

i mistakingly dropped my ipod touch on the ground and now its CRACKED. im like so freaking out here. wat do i do. is it possible for me to get it fixed. can i take it back to get a new one

i dropped my ipod, and it cracked 2.

Does anyone know how much it costs to get it sorted.

I got a new 32GB ipod touch for christmas n now the glass screen is cracked on it. Wat can i do?

i have the same problen.. and i dont know where can i fixed or how much it cost

I bought my ipod touch cracked for $50 and although i havent noticed many actual problems that might be associated with the cracked screen, I would like to fix it at some point, and it’s not under warranty.

i think i probably stood on my ipod touch by accident and it has a crack from where the home button is, to about 2/3 up the screen going diagolnally to the right. does anyone know a good place to get it fixed?? thanks.

the touch screen is cracked and i cant get it past were it says slide to unlock please help

i dropped my walking to the car and everything works fine its just that the cracks are there from top to bottem. Is there any way that i would be able to fix it because i dont want my touch to develop problems from the damage that it received.

it has cracks all over the top part of the screen because i dropped on pavement.

There is a huge crack in the screen on my ipod going from corner to corner. The display has’nt been affected and neither has the touch function but it doesn’t look very nice and want to get it fixed quick. As i am not willing to pay for a new one can any one tell me were i can get the crack fixed?

Thank you! Do you really think that it will be that easy and they wont ask for any more info?

Thanks. Now i want to know if i can get the ipod into a store to get the screen fixed

My screen on my ipod touch is cracked from one corner to the other. it still works fine, but doesn’tlook very good. my limited warranty hasn’t expired, but i don’t have the apple care thing. I don’t know what to do! please help.

I went to the apple store and I was out of warranty but she still gave me a whole new ipod touch for free so try going there first if they say its going to be $100 find a DYI like this one :;txt my ipod screen is cracked again so they will be seeing me a lot in the apple store and I not responsible for what happens to your ipod touch when you use the link

While receiving the iPod you didnt received the documents along with it.

Your touch screen needs to be replaced. Tthere are third party iPod repair services, that will fix it for cheap. Also, I found an DYI iPod repair guide, so you can do it yourself too, not that difficult. Part is available on Ebay.If you can’t do it yourself, have a tech savy friend do it for you.

You can get both your digitizer and LCD replace at a resonable price. try;

The cost of repairing an ipod touch is about 100-150£ its not cheap. my screen is cracked too and i need help i have found this shop in oldham near the bus station and they will repair your screen for 18£ i will be paying them a visit soon apple make their products flimsy so when they will break you will have to replace it with a new one only if your insured apple or your insurance company will help you so good luck too all of you

CNET’s Donald Bell shares his experience replacing a cracked screen on an Apple iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is one of the sleekest, most advanced portable media players on the planet. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most fragile. With one side covered entirely by a thin pane of glass, a single careless drop is enough to turn the iPod Touch into nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

To protect your investment, Apple offers a one-year, limited warranty on its iPods, with the option to buy an extended Apple Care warranty. But on the day CNET Associate Editor Antuan Goodwin dropped his first-generation iPod Touch face-down in a parking lot, he was out of warranty and out of luck.

A cracked iPod or iPhone screen is really a lose-lose proposition: you either pay someone upwards of $100 to repair it, or shell out for a new one. To Antuan’s relief, I offered a third, less-expensive option: DIY repair.

I had some experience replacing iPod batteries and messing with electronics, so I offered to do the iPod repair myself, so long as Antuan understood there was a good chance I would irreparably mangle his iPod. I found the replacement glass on for $50, along with detailed, step-by-step instructions on the repair.

I won’t lie to you: the repair wasn’t easy. iFixit correctly cautions that the repair is «Very Difficult,» involving lots of delicate parts, and, at one stage, requiring a hair dryer and an oven mitt to remove adhesive from the iPod’s metal frame. What iFixit doesn’t tell you is how fascinating it is to crack open this remarkable and densely packed little gadget, or the satisfaction of repairing your own stuff.

To inspire others who may be considering a similar repair, I’ve put together a video and slideshow featuring some highlights of the repair.