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This latest update to Steinberg’s audio, post-production environment offers new tools engineered specifically for post-production professionals and their workflows. Nuendo 6.5 includes major enhancements such as the new loudness processing functions, a Bass Management plug-in, and an upgraded ADR Taker system, while incorporating a range of time-saving new features that expedite daily tasks and ensure upgraded compatibility with third-party products.

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Nuendo 6.5 adds new features dedicated to post production workflows, including major enhancements in loudness processing, bass frequency management as well as ADR and foley recording.

  • The world’s most efficient audio post-production environment
  • Groundbreaking mixing console and high-end channel strip
  • Anymix Pro from IOSONO for state-of-the-art surround productions
  • Nuendo ADR taker solution for language dubbing, voice and foley recording
  • Fully integrated loudness measurement and processing
  • Voxengo CurveEQ with sound-matching technology
  • Efficient workflow with TrackVersions and enhanced track visibility management
  • Pro Sound Effects post-production library

Nuendo 6.5 adds new features dedicated to post-production workflows. Offering major enhancements to functionality in critical areas for audio post such loudness processing, bass frequency management as well as ADR and foley recording, this latest update also includes time-saving new features that expedite daily tasks.

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Nuendo 6.5 introduces a new automatic loudness processing feature that lets you optimize your audio for loudness quickly and efficiently by exporting audio files at user-defined loudness levels such as the industry-standard EBU values (e.g. -23 LUFS). True peak values for rendered audio are also user-definable. Because all settings have been conveniently integrated into the Export Settings dialog box, they are also available for more complex rendering tasks, such as cycle markers or batch export functions. And, of course, optional peak level limitation is also available.

Nuendo 6.5 ensures improved compatibility with latest versions of other program platforms when exchanging AAF files. Building on the extended AAF import functionality included in the Nuendo 6.0.7 update, Nuendo 6.5 completes the new AAF filter functionality by adding features for exporting to applications such as Pro Tools and Media Composer.

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Nuendo 6.5 features a completely redesigned control room and metering section, providing better visibility of more functions simultaneously. Important control room functions, such as level, dim and downmix features can be displayed together with the master meter, allowing for keeping track on the most important parameters in daily production situations. Plus, the new control room hosts up to four talkback microphones and a dedicated output port for metering, enabling the integration of hardware meters.

Nuendo 6.5 speeds up the workflow significantly thanks to the new track visibility management feature. Huge projects containing hundreds of audio tracks can easily be managed by dynamically displaying only the tracks you actually want to see. Using the same approach as the channel visibility management introduced in MixConsole, various View Agents help you by instantly bringing the right tracks into focus; this powerful new feature will help you maintain a full overview of your project at all times — even on the largest, most complex productions.

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