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Уважаемый гость, на данной странице Вам доступен материал по теме: Connectify Me With crack. Скачивание возможно на компьютер и телефон через торрент, а также сервер загрузок по ссылке ниже. Рекомендуем также другие статьи из категории «Серийники».

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Connectify Me With crack

Share any Connection with any Device

Got a 3G or 4G adapter for your laptop? How about a tethering plan for your mobile phone? With Connectify Hotspot PRO, all your other Wi-Fi enabled devices can use those connections too. Gain all the benefits of a travel router right inside your PC and start sharing the Internet with tablets, media players, e-readers, other laptops – you name it.

Drag and Drop to Share Files

Connectify Hotspot’s Fling feature lets you easily send any file from one device to another within Wi-Fi range. Stop emailing files to yourself and passing USB drives. You don’t even need an Internet connection. Even works with mobile phones.

Connectify Dispatch is an easy-to-use software load balancer that lets you use from all your computer’s Internet connections at the same time. Got Wi-Fi AND 4G? Two Wi-Fi adapters? Ethernet AND 3G? Connectify Dispatch will work with any and all of these technologies to increase your bandwidth.

Torrential Torrents, Whirlwind Web

Connectify Dispatch is particularly well-suited for activities that involve downloading multiple files such as BitTorrent and web browsing. While a single large stream like Netflix can’t be split across multiple Internet connections with Connectify Dispatch, it will be assigned to the fastest one while other requests will be intelligently routed to other connections.

Use Data, not Dollars

With Connectify Dispatch’s metered connections you can avoid costly overages by assigning bandwidth caps to your expensive 3G and 4G connections. Additionally, by setting their Priority level to Backup, Connectify Dispatch will only route traffic through them if your Primary connections fail. Fast, smart, AND frugal.

OS Allowed: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 & 32 bit)


  1. Install software
  2. Close after installation finished
  3. Copy and Replace crack file Connectify.exe to installation folder C:\Program Files\Connectify\
  4. Enjoy, You have Connectify Hotspot 2015.0.4.34734 Full Version!

We have tested this software before making this post, For Windows 8.1 we have not tried to install it.

Connectify Hotspot PRO 2017 incl Crack Full Version

(Connectify hotspot PRO or Max 2017 Crack)

Connectify Hotspot PRO 2017 : lets you Turn your computer into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and share Internet with all your devices, or even you can combine two internet connections to increase speed or bandwidth and much more.

Connectify Hotspot PRO 2017 Features :

  • Wired Router Mode – PRO & MAX.
  • Avoid Overcharges for Costly Connections.
  • Custom Hotspot Name – PRO & MAX.
  • Boost Your Range Instantly with Wi-Fi Repeater Mode (MAX).
  • Share any Available Connection Over Wi-Fi – PRO & MAX.
  • Hotspot Easily Connects All Your Devices to Wi-Fi.
  • Bridge Connected Devices to Your Home Network – MAX.
  • Share 3G, 4G, and Tethered Connections – PRO & MAX.

Connectify Hotspot 2017 will have your devices online in seconds. See how easy it to transform your laptop into a virtual router and share Internet with all your mobile devices.

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in the meanwhile you can use Connectify Hotspot earlier working cracks (just do not update)

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Connectify — программа, которая превращает любой компьютер с операционной системой Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 и Windows XP/Vista с Wi-Fi-адаптером в полноценную беспроводную точку доступа. Естественно, этот компьютер сам должен быть подключен к интернету, причем по любой технологии — 3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet и т.п. Для обеспечения безопасности связи применяется шифрование WPA2-PSK или WEP.

Название программы: Connectify Pro

Версия программы:

Последняя Версия программы:

Язык интерфейса: English

Лечение: в комплекте

Тип лекарства: кейген

Для запуска Connectify, нужен ноутбук или персональный компьютер с операционной системой Windows XP/Vista/7 и совместимая Wi-Fi карта (список поддерживаемых и не поддерживаемых устройств ниже)

Connectify — программа, которая превращает любой компьютер с операционной системой Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 и Windows XP/Vista с Wi-Fi-адаптером в полноценную беспроводную точку доступа. Естественно, этот компьютер сам должен быть подключен к интернету, причем по любой технологии — 3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet и т.п. Для обеспечения безопасности связи применяется шифрование WPA2-PSK или WEP.

Connectify Release Notes:

Bug Fixes in Connectify v3.5.1:

Fix for sharing 3G/4G/VPN/Dialup connections broken in 3.5

Fix for accessing local network content over Microsoft VPN

New Features as of v3.5:

New Power Management Software to Fix Hosted Network Errors: Based on our work with Microsoft, it appears that we have found and worked around the underlying Windows bugs that cause the dreaded “Hosted Network” error messages when a computer comes out of sleep or hibernation. This release includes a significant rework of Connectify Hotspot’s handling of power management in order to avoid such issues.

Enhanced Local Access Firewall Controls: We moved the handling of the Connectify Firewall Settings into our driver in the Windows kernel. This means that this traffic is now handled much faster, with less CPU usage.

Recognize More AntiVirus: Connectify’s Troubleshooter now recognizes Avast, Avira, and VIPRE security software packages, and points users to support articles on how to properly configure them, in case of technical issues.

Atheros AR5xxx/AR9xxx cards, driver version

Broadcom 4310-series (in many Dell laptops)

Broadcom 4321AG/4322AG/43224AG WLAN Adapter, driver version (here)

D-link AirPlus G DWL-G510 Wireless PCI Adapter, driver version

D-Link DWA-140 RangeBooster N USB Adapter, driver version

Dell 1397 Mini-Card (Broadcom), (here)

Dell 1505 Draft N, (here)

Dell 1510 Wireless N adapter (Broadcom), (here)

Dell 1701 Wireless N adapter (here)

Dell 1702 Wireless N adapter (here)

Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300AGN, (here)

Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200, (here)

Intel Wi-Fi Link 1000,

Intel Wi-Fi Link 5100, (here)

Intel Wi-Fi Link 5300, (here)

Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter(WUSB600N), driver version

Netgear 108 Mbit WG311T

Ralink RT2870 (in many 802.11n USB dongles)

Realtek RTL8187B (here)

Realtek RTL8187SE (with the drivers that came with Windows 7)

Realtek RTL8188CE (here)

Realtek RTL8192u with 1370 (Beta)

Sitecom Wireless USB Adapter 54g WL-608, with Ralink RT2870 drivers, version

The following are known «abandoned» devices, believed to lack certified Windows 7 drivers from their manufacturers. They could of course be updated at any time.

Belkin Wireless G MIMO devices (as of version

D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G122

Gigabyte GA-WPKG 802.11g

Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (support from Intel)

Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN (support from Intel)

Mac Book Builtin Broadcom devices

Realtek RTL8187 (commonly found in older 802.11bg USB dongles)

Zydas ZD1211 (also common in older 802.11bg USB dongles)

Отличия Lite от Pro

Если просто установить программу, получаем версию Lite, которой тоже можно пользоваться, только с некоторыми ограничениями.

Для того, чтобы получить Pro версию, ее необходимо активировать ключиком.

1) Установить программу, НЕ перезагружая ПК!

2) Открыть файл hosts который находится тут:

блокнотом или любым текстовым редактором

добавить в конец файла строчку

если у вас Windows Vista или Windows 7 запускать блокнот необходимо от имени администратора(!)

или сохранить измененный hosts в другое место, а затем скопировать с заменой в нужный каталог

3) Запустить программу

4) Используя keygen.exe сгенерировать свой ключ и активировать функционал Pro

5) Можно перезагрузить ПК.