Can You Smoke crack

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Can You Smoke crack

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I assume you mean like a glass pipe for smoking pot out of? Yes. You can smoke crack out of just about anything. Ball up a small piece of Chore-boy copper-wire scrubbing pad or something like that (steel wool?) and use it to fill the hole in the bottom of the pipe. Use the lighter quickly on and off to bubble and melt, not burn the stuff, hold it slightly sideways to prevent it from dripping right through. The trick is in vaporizing the drug contained in the solid “matix” of the “crack”, and burning it isn’t what you want (although it’s typical to burn it all to make sure you’ve got everything but only after you’ve melted all the vapor out of it first. But I only know this 2nd hand from a roommate I used to have, so don’t take my word if anyone disagrees with me.

There are Crack Pipes,

so yes, smokable, but very unpleasant.

Can you smoke Crack ?

I say no , this guy says yes. HUGS NOT DRUGS ! I hate drugs. But its an argument.

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