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Aomei Partition crack download

AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.5 Crack Free Download is Here

This package couldn’t have been given a better name. It bears what it does and that is addressing every issue related to partitioning on your windows operating system. Developed by the AOMEI Technology Co. based in China, the utility software was initially released on the 13th of August 2011. It is available in eleven languages of the word and supports only the Windows OS.

This partitioning software works perfectly with your hard disk regardless of its size or format. By applying sector-level data protection technology, it can get through to the root of any partitioning problem on your hard drive. It is available in two versions which are the free and professional versions respectively.

What AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.5 Offers?

  • Re-sizes the partitions on your hard disk without loss in data.
  • Extends NTSF partition without having to restart your computer.
  • Moves a free space from one partition to another on your hard disk.
  • Merges, creates, deletes, formats and splits partitions.
  • Supports migration of full system into a solid state drive
  • Converts a dynamic disk into a basic one all without loss of data
  • Fast and secured partition experiences
  • Can migrate the operating system of your computer into a hard drive
  • Converts between MBR and GPT disk types
  • Interconverts between NTFS and FAT32 file systems without loss to data
  • Can copy all the contents from one partition to the other without loss in data

Key Features of the Software

  • Change Partition Type ID – for renaming your partitions
  • Quick Partition – for carrying out all partition processes
  • Hide or Unhide Partition – controls visibility of partitions
  • Partition Alignment – has to do with arrangement and outlook of partitions
  • Rebuild MBR
  • Change Serial Number
  • Creates bootable DVD, CD or USB Disk to use without having to reinstall
  • Change Drive Letter
  • Command Line Partitioning
  • Wipe Disk or Partition – for deleting all files on partitions
  • Partition Recovery – for recovering mistakenly deleted or formatted files on a partition and even the recovery of a whole partition accidentally deleted
  • Initialize Disk Option
  • Check Partition
  • Make as Active Partition for making a partition active


  • Its interface is user-friendly and simple in outlook
  • Comprehensive features for addressing virtually all partitioning problems
  • It can run even before Windows comes up
  • Can queue up the various changes you have applied and effect all at once
  • Its tasks are completed in time and step-wise.
  • Moderate price with a 90-day money back guarantee backup should you be dissatisfied
  • Efficient live support package for any technical issue
  • Unlimited usage once the initial subscription is made
  • Extensive storage media support


  • Available only on Windows Operating System
  • Takes a lot of time when partitioning a large hard disk
  • Can’t backup data naturally.

System Requirements for Installation

Operating Systems

Windows servers: Windows 2000 server, Windows 2000 Professional (SP4), Windows SBS 2003, 2008, 2011, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows PCs: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (all editions both 32 and 64 Bits), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional (SP4)

Storage Media

Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid-state Drives (SSD), Solid-state Hard Drives (SSHD), USB Flash Drives, IDE, ISCSI, SATA, SCSI Disk, IEEE 394 (FireWire), Hardware RAID, MBR Disk, GPT Disk, UEFI/EFI boot.

File Systems

Supported file system include exFAT/ReFS, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, Bitlocker.

Hardware Requirements

RAM: Not less than 512MB

Hard Disk Memory: At least 100MB should be free

Processor: x86 not less than 500 MHz

Alternatives to AOMEI Partition Assistant

Here are some of the competing software with Aomei. They also claim to do what Aomei does. Some of them include

  • GParted
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard
  • EseUS Partition Master
  • Parted Magic
  • Gnome-disk-utility
  • Paragon Partition Manager
  • Acronis Disk Director
  • PartitionGuru
  • KDE Partition Manager
  • Stellar Partition Manager

Bottom Line

There are lots of reasons partitioning your hard disk may be necessary especially when one looks at the hurdles of managing large files. However, in setting up partitions and managing issues arising from such, it is important that trusted tools such as AOMEI partition Assistant 6.5 be used. It is certified by Microsoft and other companies. Although the manufacturers would still have to work on its outlook while working (many complain the system goes blank), all in all, the advantages of using this partitioning tool far surpasses its downsides. More so, it has unlimited usage once you subscribe.

AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.5 Crack Keygen Serial Key Free For Windows Here>>

AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition

Datafilehost, Tusfiles, Deltawap, Solidfiles

AOMEI Partition Assistant Server 5.6.2 is reliable and professional disk partition software for computer. It provides you with the most popular disk partition technology which snap-in Basic Disk Partition Manager, Convert dynamic disk to basic and Dynmiac Disk Partition Manager. This professional tool could help you manage Primary partition, Logical Partition, Simple, Spanned, Striped(Raid0), Mirrored(Raid) and RAID-5 volume.

  1. Extend/Shrink partition
  2. Resize/Move partition
  3. Merge/Split partition
  4. Allocate Free Space
  5. Copy disk/partition
  6. Create/delete/format partition
  7. Set partition label
  8. Wipe partition/wipe hard drive
  9. Rebuild MBR
  10. Convert to GPT/MBR disk
  11. Disk surface test
  12. View properties of partition and disk
  1. Change and Remove drive letter
  2. Hide and Unhide drive
  3. Convert Logical to Primary or contrary
  4. Set drive as active
  5. Convert FAT/FAT32 to NTFS
  6. Check partition
  7. Wipe unallocated space
  8. Change partition type
  9. Change serial number
  10. Partition Alignment

Disk & Partition Wizard:

  1. Extend Partition Wizard
  2. Disk Copy Wizard
  3. Partition Copy Wizard
  4. Migrate OS to SSD or HDD
  5. Partition Recovery Wizard
  6. Create Bootable CD Wizard

Run course, this software is a full version without using the activator!

• Возможность расширить системный раздел NTFS, не перезагружая компьютер для максимизации производительности компьютера и минимизации простоя;

• Слияние смежных разделов в один большой без потери данных, или объединение незанятого пространства в раздел;

• Разделение одного большого раздела на два или более разделов;

• Создание стольких разделов, сколько вам нужно, без использования свободного места на диске;

• Копирование разделов для миграции системы Windows или при резервном копировании важных данных;

• Клонирование жесткого диска помогает при его обновлении;

• Быстрое распределение свободного пространства из одного раздела в другой для полного использования дискового пространства.

Для успешной активации программы необходимо на время активации отключить интернет. SoftSoft

  • Разработчик: AOMEI
  • Год сборки: 2016
  • Версия программы: 6.2
  • Язык интерфейса: ML | Русский
  • Платформа: Windows XP|7|8|10
  • Portable: Есть
  • Размер архива: 74.4 MB
  • Скачать:AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro v6.2
  • Пароль к архиву

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