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Android Password crack App

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password In Android?

What is WiFi And How it Works?

How WiFi Hack Apps Android Work?

Requirements To Use WiFi Hack Apps

Before starting WiFi password hacking process, make sure you and your smartphone meet all the necessary requirement. Below mentioned things are must use these WiFi Hacking Apps to get password easily.

  • Root- You need to root your android smartphone to use all the administrator power of your phone. Not all wifi hacker apps need a rooted phone but some of them required Root Access to work. So I recommend you to root your Android smartphone. To do so read — Root Any Android Smartphone Easily.
  • Busy Box- Then you need to install the busy box on your phone in order get all the apps to function properly. It gives you much freedom while you are on a tract of cracking wifi password on your phone.
  • Latest Android Version- Guys, to use apps you need to have the latest version of Android system on your phone. You must have 4.0+ to crack wifi password using below-mentioned Android apps.
  • Xposed Framework- You must install xposed on your android smartphone to get all the hidden powers of these apps.
  • Proper Signals- This is really a must-have requirement to hack wifi password on your phone. Because if you have no proper signals you can not get access to the network. So before starting make sure you are getting enough signals.
  • Active Mind- Before staring through out all the unnecessary thing from your mind and set it only on that process. :p
  • Patience- Obviously you need it. No patience = No WiFi password. :v

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How to Hack WiFi on Android?

#1 Best WiFi Password Hacker / WiFi Hack Apps For Android

1. zANTI(dSPLOIT) WiFi Hack Apps Android

  • You can change Images on whole WiFi Network
  • Can change Google Results on the WiFi Network
  • You can also do Session Hijacking using this app
  • You can get all the information of other connected device of the same WiFi Network
  • MITM attack and lot more.
  • Easy to use and no technical knowledge required
  • Small in size hence won’t eat your internet data ;p
  • Best App for WiFi Hacking
  • Many more features for advanced users
  • Virus free and smooth app, won’t eat ram
  • Sometimes it takes time to hack wifi password
  • No brute-force attack

2. WPA WPS Tester Pro WiFi Password Hacker

This is the most widely used WiFi Hacker Android App which is able to find the wifi password for you using WPS attack. WPA/WPS Tester is mostly used for WPS enabled WiFi network, because it finds the WPS code of that wifi network. Some highlighted features of this app:

  • Very small in size (which is good for RAM management of your phone)
  • Easy to use and smooth too
  • Best wifi hacking app for WPS enabled wifi networks
  • No advanced skills required
  • Get wifi password without any commands and piece of stuff
  • Unlike most of other WiFi Hacking Apps, it doesn’t take much time
  • Just a few clicks and you’re good to go
  • Only cracks WPS enabled and WEP encrypted WiFi Networks
  • Root access required for Android version below 5.0

3. Andro Dumper Crack WiFi Password

  • Very light, won’t eat RAM of your phone
  • Very simple and reliable as well
  • Automatically connects to WiFi after cracking password
  • Automatically scans and detect vulnerable WiFi networks
  • Just a few clicks and password will be shown
  • Root access is required to view the password
  • Can hack only WPS enabled WiFi network
  • Sometimes takes time to get password if WPS PIN is complex
  1. Download Androdumpper WiFi password hacking app
  2. Install normally on your phone (Give permissions, it’s necessary)
  3. Open it and give it required permissions and follow further screen process
  4. Now it will show you available WiFi networks near your location
  5. Choose the WiFi network you want to get password of and it’ll do the rest
  6. Bingo! after few minutes you’ll be able to use free WiFi

4. WPS Connect — WiFi Hacker App

WPS Connect is also a great app for Hack WiFi Network in Android phone. You can connect to any WiFi network using WPS Connect and disable other user’s internet on the same WiFi.

You can get the password of any WiFi which has WPS protocol enabled and vulnerable. So download WPS Connect today and enjoy WiFi hacking from your smartphone.

  • This app is similar to WPA/WPS connect but give some more features.
  • Finds WPS code and gets you access to any WiFi
  • Easy to use and very smooth app
  • Works on all android smartphones
  • Risk-free and reliable too.
  • Not suitable for WPA2 PSK encrypted WiFi Networks
  • Little more time consuming than WPA/WPS connect
  • Need Android version 4.1 and above to use this app

5. Wibr+ Plus Pro ApK — WiFi Bruteforce Hack Apps Android

  • Reliable and proven app for WiFi Hacking
  • Take less time & gives better results
  • Easy to use and have lots of features
  • Lots of features
  • Very strong tool to get password of any WiFi
  • To use all the features, some tech skills required

Download Wibr+ Plus Pro APK

6. WiFi Password Hacker Pro

  • Powerful app for WiFi Password Hacking
  • Smaller in size
  • Reliable and easy to use.
  • Good for newbies with no skills
  • Alternative WiFi hacking apps for small budget phones

7. WiFi Kill Pro WiFi Hacker

  • You can see who is connect to the current WiFi network you are using
  • You can see connected devices names
  • You can also watch network activity on other connected devices
  • Gives you ability to cut off other devices internet access
  • Not a WiFi Password hacker app actually
  • You can’t get password of any encrypted WiFi

Download WiFi Kill Pro

8. Network Spoofer

#2 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For iOS Platform


#3 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Windows PC

1. SmartKey Wi-Fi

2. WiFi Password Hacker

3. Wi-Fi Password Decryptor

#4. Best WiFi Hacking Apps For MAC

Why We Need WiFi Password Hacker Apps?

1. — Is Root required for all these WiFi Hack apps Android?

Ans. — No, only a few apps require root access.

2. — Are these apps secure and safe to use?

Ans. — Yes, all these apps are secure and personally tested by us. No Viruses at all. All these apps are safe.

3. — Is it legal to crack or hack someone’s WiFi Password?

Ans. — No, it is strictly prohibited to do such actions. And we are not responsible for any loss.

4. — Can I use these apps to crack any WiFi network?

Ans. — Yes, you can try, WEP are very easy, and WPA/WPA2 PSK is a little bit hard and requires patience.

5. — If the owner changes the password, do I need to hack again?

Ans. — Yes, you need to follow the process again after the password change. 🙁

6. — What if the router has high security?

Ans. — No matter how secure the router is, you just need these best wifi hacking apps and brain to use them. Every security has a vulnerable hole, so find and F**K it. 😉

7. — Are these apps best and latest?

Ans. — Yes, above list is updated and best among all other WiFi hacker apps available on the internet.

Note:- Breaking someone’s WiFi network security is strictly prohibited, and OnlyHax is not responsible for and loss or damage. This article is just for educational purpose only.

Hack WiFi Password From Android Without Root 2018 – Wifi Hacking is now commonly seen in our surrounding When we are talking about hacking apps that can hack any WiFi password easily without any restriction and without any risk, then you’re defiantly looking for a one-click method of wifi hacking. WiFi Security may vary like WPS, WPA2PSK etc. Many of us tired of trying those fakes wifi hacking tricks on the internet but here we share with you tested and working tricks to hack wifi password on without rooting Android. Hackers can use many kinds of tools to hack wifi at the advanced level, these top hacking apps for wifi are very useful. Let’s start and try to hack wifi password on android.

I nside Tech Hacks – The use of Wifi Network is common to all android users, and it’s also available on all android phones. Wifi network is actually a helpful tool for wireless connection to the internet with the use of radio-wave of 2.4Ghz and 5GHz SHF. Wi-fi can also be known as any wireless local area network (WLAN) product which is actually based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) that is of 802.11 standard.

Here we go with our very first method of wifi password hacking with Android using rooting process, after rooting there will be no rooting wifi hacking method too.

Disclaimer: Please I won’t be held responsible for any illegal activity this WiFi hacks tricks is used for, it’s just for knowledge & Education sake, just mug this for educational purpose.

Before getting into the main article I would like to share some basic WiFi knowledge with you guys. If you already have known with it then you can skip this part 🙂

Types of WiFi Password Security?

#1 WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

The most popular and still widely using Wi-Fi Security in the world. But the most Insecure one as well. You can hack such Wi-Fi Security keys simply using and Aircrack, Airmon tools from Kali Linux.

#2 WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

WPA is an improved version of WEP Security. It has been launched in 2003. But An American hacker found some critical security flaws in WPA Network keys. So that it can also easy to hack. Even you can crack anyone of WiFi Password using WPA security from your Android smartphones. Hack Wireless Password on Android

#3 WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Last but not the least, As this is the only Wi-Fi Access that is not easy to hack. Yes! in some cases peoples could do that but that requires highly hacking skills. So if somebody uses WPA 2PSK security then it might be little difficult to hack it.

Method #1: Hacking of WPA2 WPS Router

#1. Firstly, if your android phone isn’t rooted, try to root it, and also make sure that such android phone hhasa Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm 4330 chipset unlike the Nexus 7, Galaxy S1/S2, Nuxus 1, Htc Desire HD, etc. The presence of Cyanogen ROM on your device can be of use to make the bcmon app work through.

#2. Then download and install Bcmon, it’s essential because it helps monitor mode on your broadcom chipset that helps in the PIN Cracking.

#3. After installation, run the app and tap “monitor mode” option.

#4. Download and Install Reaver app which helps to crack the WPS Pinto retrieve the WPA2 passphrase.

#5. After installation of reaver app, launch it and do an on-screen confirmation, which is, confirming that you’re not using it for an illegal purpose, then tap the APN or access point you’d wish to crack and continue. Most times, you might need to verify monitor mode to proceed, and this would cause the bcmon to open again.

#6. Verify your settings and also make sure that you’ve checked the Automatic Advanced settings” box. “Hack WiFi”

#7. Finally, start cracking process by tapping start attack, at this final stage, it can take 2-10hrs for the cracking of WPS to be successful.

Method #2: WPS WPA TESTER (Crack Wifi from Android mobile without Rooting)

WPS Connect app hack only WPS routers with limited features. But this is an advanced app for hacking wifi password from android mobile without rooting. You can check the wireless security of your routers from this Android app. If your router is not secure this wifi hacking android app easily bypasses wifi password from android mobile and connect to android mobile to router directly without needing any type of password.

This wifi hacking Android apps works in both rooted and without rooted android mobile. So you can easily Crack wifi password from your android phone without rooting your android phone with this app.

Want to take advantage of your friend’s staying in your neighborhood, using super-fast Wi-Fi connection? Yes…If it is not protected it with a password, then you can easily access the network. But if he is smart enough to get protected his network through a strong password, then you cannot do anything, till you are permitted by the user or you have that password. Don’t you worry now, here we will be providing you with a great news. There are many password hacker apps available for WiFi, which could seek your problem. But you might be still wondering how to crack Wi-Fi password from these apps or how to hack Wi-Fi password.

Surfing internet is almost the daily activity of almost everybody now. People are so much involved in technical or internet world now that it seems impossible nowadays to remain without internet. People Often exchange messages, images, videos and other docs on the internet. It is been the most important source required in today’s world.

Wi-Fi has been an of course one of the important sources for internet connectivity. We all are familiar with its importance. With the advancement of technology, people have got the new and innovative technique for getting Wi-Fi hacked. Peoples are now buying an android phone more as they are now aware that most of the apps require the android phone to run. It can be said that no device or network is secured. The white hat security does researchers, on the other hand, the notorious people work hard to get the ways out. From the wired networks, WiFi poses the most security challenge.

With the basic form of knowledge of your android smartphone, one can easily hack the passwords of the Desired Wi-Fi connection. Now it won’t be a long question that how to hack Wi-Fi password for android and also there’s an interesting news that you can get these apps of Wi-Fi hacker for free.

Best Wi-Fi Password Hackers For Android

Developers came up with a method or hack for cracking the Wi-Fi password. The hack involves to get around hardware limitations and adding to the monitor mode to Android devices, allowing them to act as Wi-Fi password cracker. Wi-Fi password hackers easily access the password and use the network of other for its own purpose. Here are listed some Wi-Fi hackers for android which would help you know how to crack Wi-Fi password for android.

WPS Connect

It is an app to connect wifi networks with enabled WPS Protocol, with the permission of network owner. It aims to check the specific router vulnerable by default to PIN. Routers which are installed by internet service providers possess vulnerabilities. You can also disable internet connection on the same Wi-Fi network of other users. It acts as one of the best Wi-Fi password hackers.


  • A useful tool for checking your router’s password is completely secure.
  • Need a rooted device
  • Check your own router is vulnerable
  • Change the password
  • Includes default PINs
  • Works with WPS security enabled
  • Helps to view the saved android password
  • You just download the app and search for Wi-Fi signal on your phone.