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A crack In The World download

Crack in the World is a relatively short, but very fun and engaging adventure map. The premise of the map is that your car has broken down on your way to visit your girlfriend at her university, so you decide to stay the night in the nearby town. However, you soon learn that not everything is right with the town, as the man running the power plant seems to have sinister motives. Your job is to explore the area, and find a reason to stop him before disaster strikes!

Crack in the World is a short and fun map focused on a tight story and some very cool special effects. You must explore the area, talk to the NPCs to find out what’s going on and acquire items, and to progress the story. It is not a very difficult map, and it is not focused on fighting, but on having a nice narrative, and awesome special effects!

It features nice cutscenes and fantastic special effects, a custom resource pack with textures, sounds, and music (that loads automatically), as well as an epic finale!

Crack in the World is made and tested on Minecraft 1.8.3 without any additional mods, resource packs, or anything else, so it should work on any Minecraft 1.8 version. If you encounter any issues, then go for 1.8.3 though.

You should turn off all other resource packs to prevent any conflicts between them and the one found in this map. The map is made to be played in singleplayer, where the resource pack should load automatically, but if you’re playing on multiplayer, the resource pack can be found within the Crack in the World folder, and installed manually from there. Remember to enable command blocks and set the difficulty to normal if you’re playing on a server.

Particles should be set to either “All” or “Decreased” for the best look, while your render distance should be larger than 7 chunks.

2-3 players is the maximum recommended amount for multiplayer. Playing it with 3 may mean that you’re short on food, if so, stomping the crops is allowed.

The map also includes some royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod and Kai Engel.

All in all, Crack in the World is a pretty great and fun map, with some amazing visuals, the only downside being that it is kinda short.

How to install the Crack in the World Map for Minecraft:

  • Download the map.
  • Go to your %appdata%/.minecraft folder.
  • Open the “saves” folder.
  • Unzip the map you downloaded, and put the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
  • All done! Crack in the World should now be installed and ready to be played, so enjoy and have fun!

Here is a playthrough of the map courtesy of YouAlwaysWin, it’s a full playthrough though so expect spoilers:

Crack in The World is a minecraft adventure map where a madly desperate geologist hold ransom of a large explosives in order to save his beloved geothermal power plant.

It’s just another story of a guy with a broken car decided to stay over at the nearby town and suddenly realized that some crazy genius geologist at the nearest power plant is going to destroy your world.

It is now your job to save the world. And stop the crazy dude at the geothermal power plant.

Creator: Bauwks

Client Version: 1.8.3

As an adventure map all you need to do is do some investigation within the town. Explore the town and talk to npcs, search for items and clues and unlock the next part of its storyline.

Crack in The World features an animated cut scenes and special effects, its own resource pack with custom sound, textures and music.

A dying scientist pushes forward his project to tap through to the Earth’s magma layer, with results that threaten to destroy the Earth as we know it.

Dr. Stephen Sorenson plans to tap the geothermal energy of the Earth’s interior by means of a thermonuclear device detonated deep within the earth. Despite dire warnings by fellow scientist Ted Rampion, Dr. Sorenson proceeds with the experiment after secretly learning that he is terminally ill. This experiment causes a crack to form and grow within the Earth’s crust, which threatens to split the Earth in two if it is not stopped in time.

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