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1 Password 5 crack

Keeping you safe. 1Password has been protecting people for nearly a decade. 1Password 4 builds upon this rich history to bring you the best possible security with unmatched productivity.

Security made beautiful. 1Password 4 has been re-written from pixel to bit to give you the best possible experience wrapped in a gorgeous new UI.

Saving you time. 1Password makes it simple to use strong unique passwords. Being secure with 1Password is easier than being at risk using weak ones you have to remember and type manually.

Supports Windows 7 and Windows 8.x (Windows RT currently not supported.)

Password Cracking

Types of Password Attacks

Non-Electronic Attacks

Active Online Attack: Dictionary , Brute Forcing and Rule-based Attack

  • Computations: CPU, GPGPU, Cloud, ASIC
  • Charset: 98^8,(98個按鍵、長度為8)
  • Length: 8

Active Online Attack: Password Guessing

  • The attacker creates a list of all possible passwords from the information collected through social engineering or any other way and tries them manually on the victim’s machine to crack the passwords .
    1. Find a valid user
    2. Create a list of possible passwords
    3. Rank passwords from high probability to low
    4. Key in each password, until correct password is discovered.

Default Passwords

  • A default password is a password supplied by the manufacturer with new equipment (e.g. switches, hubs, routers) that is password protected.
  • Attackers use default passwords in the list of words or dictionary that they use to perform password guessing attack .

Active Online Attack: Trojan/Spyware/Keylogger

  • Attacker installs Trojan/Spyware/Keylogger on victim’s machine to collect victim’s user names and passwords .
  • Trojan/Spyware/Keylogger runs in the background and send back all user credentials to the attacker.

Example of Active Online Attack Using USB Drive

  1. Download PassView, a password hacking tool
  2. Copy the downloaded files to USB drive
  3. Create autorun.info in USB drive
  4. Contents of launch.bat
  5. Insert the USB drive and the autorun window will pop-up (if enabled)
  6. PassView is executed in the background and passwords will be stored in the .TXT files in the USB drive

Active Online Attack: Hash Injection Attack

  • A hash injection attack allows an attacker to inject a compromised hash into a local session and use the hash to validate to network resources.
  • The attacker finds and extracts a logged on domain admin account hash .
  • The attacker uses the extracted hash to log on to the domain controller .

PtH: Path the Hash

Passive Online Attack: Wire Sniffing

  • Attackers run packet sniffer tools on the local area network (LAN) to access and record the raw network traffic.
  • The captured data may include sensitive information such as passwords (FTP, rlogin sessions, etc.) and emails.
  • Sniffed credentials are used to gain unauthorized access to the target system.

Passive Online Attacks: Man-in-the-Middle and Replay Attack

  • Gain access to the communication channels: In a MITM attack, the attacker acquires access to the communication channels between victim and server to extract the information.
  • Use sniffer: In a replay attack, packets and authentication tokens are captured using a sniffer . After the relevant info is extracted, the tokens are placed back on the network to gain access.
  • Considerations:
    • Relatively hard to perpetrate
    • Must be trusted by one or both sides
    • Can sometimes be broken by invalidating traffic

Offline Attack: Rainbow Table Attack

  • Rainbow Table: A rainbow table is a precomputed table which contains word lists like dictionary files and brute force lists and their hash value .
  • Compare the Hashes: Capture the hash of a passwords and compare it with the precomputed hash table. If a match is found then the password is cracked.
  • Easy to Recover: It is easy to recover passwords by comparing captured password hashes to the precomputed tables .
  • Precomputed Hashes:
    • 1qazwed -> 21c40e47dba72e77518ee3ef88ad0cc8
    • hh021da -> 2ce80b192cfa47a0d6c8a2446314810b
    • 9da8dasf -> eb0f5690164ffabbed1744087a4d6761
    • sodifo8sf -> 2c749bf3fff89778efc50af7e4f8d6a8

Tools to Create Rainbow Tables: rtgen and Winrtgen

  • rtgen: The rtgen program need serveral parameters to generate a rainbow table, the syntax of the command line is:
    • Syntax : rtgen hash_algorithm charset plaintext_len_min plaintext_len_max table_index chain_len chain_num part_index
  • Winrtgen: Winrtgen is a graphical Rainbow Tables Generator that supports LM, FastLM, NTLM, LMCHALL, HalfLMCHALL, NTLMCHALL, MSCACHE, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160, MySQL323, MySQLSHA1, CiscoPIX, ORACLE, SHA-2(256), SHA-2(384), and SHA-2(512) hashes.

Offline Attack: Distributed Network Attack

  • A Distributed Network Attack (DNA) technique is used for recovering passwords from hashes or password protected files using the unused processing power of machines across the network to decrypt passwords.
  • The DNA Manager is installed in a central location where machines running on DNA Client can access it over the network.
  • DNA Manager coordinates the attack and allocates small portions of the key search to machines that are distributed over the network.
  • DNA Client runs in the background , consuming only unused processor time.
  • The program combines the processing capabilities of all the clients connected to network and uses it to crack the password .

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery

  • Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery breaks complex passwords , recovers strong encryption keys , and unlocks documents in a production environment.

Microsoft Authentication

  • Security Accounts Manager (SAM) Database:
    • Windows stores user passwords in SAM, or in the Active Directory database in domain. Passwords are never stored in clear text; passwords are hashed and the results are stored in the SAM.
  • NTLM Authentication:
    • The NTLM authentication protocol types:
      • NTLM authentication protocol
      • LM authentication protocol
    • These protocols stores user’s password in the SAM database using different hashing methods.
  • Kerberos Authentication:
    • Microsoft has upgraded its default authentication protocol to Kerberos which provides a stronger authentication for client/server applications than NTLM.

How Hash Passwords Are Stored in Windows SAM?

  • Note: LM hashes have been disable in Windows Vista and later Windows operating systems, LM will be blank in those systems.
  • reg save hklm\sam c:\temp\sam.save
  • reg save hklm\system c:\temp\system.save
  • pwdump, SMBPasswd

NTLM Authentication Process

Note : Microsoft has upgraded its default authentication protocol to Kerberos, which provides strong authentication for client/server applications than NTLM.

: NTLMv2

  • LM使用DES: PASSWOR DXXXXXX,各7字元,每個7×8=56 bits,大小寫不分
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